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Adar slammed the door on his way out.

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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. [22:34] Not so fast. Setsuna quickly grabs her very drunk friend, steadying him back on the bench.
  3. "I know what will fix you up."
  5. Before long, she has another bottle of alcohol placed before him, a wide grin displayed all the while.
  7. "Now stay with me. No passing out."
  9. Her left hand had ahold of his right, keeping him in place now.
  10. (Setsuna Ukitake)
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  13. [22:35] Adar Gutt says, "I don't feel... so good..."
  14. [22:36] Adar actually COMPLIES anyway, and continues to drink up.
  15. (Adar Gutt)
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  18. [22:36] Oh god, oh fuck.
  20. There was never an instance of Keitaro having even anything close to resemble this. No particularly large social circle, nothing. In the end, this was one huge nervous wreck for him, one in which he had to draw upon all of his composure to actually not look way too nervous, or not have his eyes way too widen. And, and..
  22. Hold on.
  23. He fucking fought in war.
  24. He killed people.
  25. He almost died three times to Pride Sin.
  26. He actually moved to make a peace nobody could in decades.
  27. Why is he scared of this?
  29. An inhale. This is just social interaction.. or at least, that's what he's been telling himself. Having such thoughts run constantly in his mind actually helped him.. so much, that a revelation beneath his robes started, peeling off chunks of his armor, one after another- only to carefully slide down the blue robe, the largest of all,and remove his blue tunic.
  31. To reveal a body of a trained warrior, covered in myriad scars. Burns, slashes, lacerations.. so many scars of all kinds, something that probably looked odd next to the bodies that weren't nearly as damaged. Should he even feel self-conscious about those scars? He didn't bother asking himself that. Instead..
  33. "Lead the way, Declan."
  35. Oh? Sudden confidence?
  36. (Keitaro)
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  39. [22:37] Adar would jelaously glare to his left, visibly jelaous of their toned, seasoned figures. He was too much of a pipsqueak to compare to that level of idealized beauty. "...Pshhht... Well aren't we some deities." Then, took another long sip from his drink.
  40. (Adar Gutt)
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  43. [22:39] The sounds started to go off, and he was entirely ready for it. A simple step to the back as he slides in the motion like it was the moon walk. The beat was impressive and was playing on a very old-school, super old school thing that was made with rocks, rune code and sound music. It was intense, and he was really just going with Garrick with all this.
  44. (Declan Caelum)
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  47. [22:44] Garrick would place his scaly palms upon his thighs as he began to squat and shuffle back, moving to the beat steadily before leaning back while maintaining his footing upon the bar, crossing his heavily muscled arms before his chest with a sharp toothed grin before doing a spin upon his silvery right sabaton, flashing his jagged smile to the audience as his musculature rippled to the beat.
  49. Shuffling back as he spun, the fire drakan would grip his hip with one hand as he idly gestured with the other before gripping his thighs once more, shuffling the other direction as he once more leaned back before completing the spin and cycle once more, continuing the dance as he displayed all of his smithly physique with a dragon's lack of shame.
  50. (Garrick)
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  53. [22:48] Now or never.
  55. The thought of actually dancing like this was somewhat odd.. and yet, looking the way others do it might've offered him the necessary insight on how to do it without coming off as an absolute idiot. When the beat came up, and when the music finally kicked in, the Shenlong knew one thing - it's showtime.
  57. And he rises to occasion with newfound energy.
  59. Instead of shying away, he begins with a sway to pick up the beat on its own; a step, after step, carried on the rhythm that seemed to involve the other two no less than it involved him, and a sudden stop to his movement, sharp and quick, an odd style of his own which was a combination of both smooth movements he's seen earlier and energetic dance that Declan displayed earlier.
  61. It's really a mix of everything.
  63. It didn't end there. A décor of his body was present, made of blue light that surrounded him- of pure lightning that accompanied his each and every move, a constant switch up from the smoothness to which he dances with the beat and the sharpness of swiftness that comes about. His legs join in tandem, showing about the agility with which Shenlong could move - his thick tail follows, only creating something akin to nothing less but a serpent in dance.
  65. In truth, he was a serpent after all.
  67. Everything begins to steadily come to closure with the music with a sudden step forward, footing made to follow the previous style he set up on his own just now- there was no chained movement, no lack of confidence that he displayed before, only actual genuine passion to the dance that deep inside he was capable of. And maybe, just maybe, they helped him unveil that much?
  69. And it ends with a steady, slow drop, if only for him to rise, the entirety of the time his feet remaining upon counter. Only when the music is silenced does he finally emit a sharp exhale, a testament to the energetic dance that he displayed - beads of sweat gathering upon his form.
  71. Only to come to realization that he just did all of this. Maybe he distracted himself with a thought to perform properly...
  73. "...How was it?"
  74. (Keitaro)
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  77. [22:49] Declan literally stopped dancing. The power that Keitaro was giving was too raw for him to continue. Clearly, he was the better dancer. Taller. Faster. And just much more younger - too much energy.
  78. (Declan Caelum)
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  81. [22:55] Such perfection was too much for the Qilin's eyes. Declan had performed fabulously, yet Keitaro's dance was unlike any other she had seen. When it was time to rise to the occasion-
  83. He definitely raised the bar.
  85. Quickly coming to a stand, Setsuna clapped her hands with vehement ferocity. Woooping and hollering all the while, clearly impressed by the Shenlong's performance.
  87. "You did great, Keitaro. My dance pales in comparison, surely."
  89. Her gaze shifts to Adar, as well as the others atop the bar. Gleeful in demeanor, she quickly finished off another bottle.
  91. "Surely you guys have more than that within you. Or are you finished already?"
  93. Perhaps in this moment, she did experience some form of attraction for males. Not in a physical sense, but seeing the work and effort that went towards such beauty.
  95. She was discovering herself, moment by moment.
  97. "Adar, you should dance too!"
  98. (Setsuna Ukitake)
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  101. [22:55] Declan Caelum says, "My back.."
  102. [22:56] Garrick says, "Pfffff."
  103. [22:58] Finally, he climbs down - but not without a smile. The praise was unexpected, but maybe just by blocking out these anxious thoughts and actually putting his passion into that very dance, and a bit of reference he got earlier, was all that he needed to actually perform good.
  105. "Thanks!"
  107. Much of his body was still gathering the beads of sweat, but all the same, he allowed himself to cool off- only after a bit of time passed, he began to throw his garments and then robes back on. It'd be odd to simply sit this way just like that.
  109. "Honestly, I didn't even know I had this in me.."
  111. Which brings up a whole new set of questions about him. Maybe he really did miss out a lot of things in his youth?
  112. (Keitaro)
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  115. [23:06] Garrick was outmatched by the lightning drake, his powerful display of dance one worthy of any truly effective dance display. Yet, the smith was nothing if not determined when it came to his efforts, and so it came time to up the game. Cracking his knuckles, the drake would grap the tankard by his feet and empty it into his mouth, barking out in laughter as he prepared to engage in a foolish display indeed.
  117. Snapping his fingers, flames would enshroud the drakan in a fiery cloak as he cracked his back, flashing a toothy grin to the audience as dropped to a sudden split before his hands fell upon the counter, his legs rising and beginning to twirl through the air as Garrick's hands spun himself around and a round in the cloak of flames. The fire would swirl in a typhoon about him with the barest essence of control, avoiding any unwelcome ignition as the drakan continues to spin his body about around and around.
  119. Steadily, the flame would grow as the fire drakan revealed the last card he had up his sleeve, leaping from the spinning upon his hands before his head would assume a draconic visage as his usually mundane features became larger, more reptilian. Fire would breathe forth in a stream from his mouth as he balanced upon his head, spinning in perpetuity as the flames swirled around his now entirely upside down form. A dance that would be very difficult without a bit of gravity magic, naturally.
  121. Finally, Garrick would grow dizzy, steadily slowing down as he returned to a final windmill of rising flames before ending the dance with his elbow upon the bar holding his head up, winking to the crowd with a bark of self mocking laughter.
  123. "That's all I got Suna, I'm sorry."
  124. (Garrick)
  125. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  127. [23:15] "No." Adar replied. Bluntly. He did - not feel good. In any particular sense of the word. Perhaps he had drank way past too much, leading to his growing physical discomfort. But something worse was starting to root deep inside him.
  129. "I don't dance." The young man was clearly jelaous. To an unfathomable amount. He truly felt insignificant. Crushed, even. Keitaro's dance was unlike anything he had seen. Biblically beautiful, masterfully coordinated. It was like seeing a dragon cry over a waterfall; a god caress a flower; a flower kiss the sea. Unique.
  131. He nearly cried.
  133. "In fact, I think I should be going." It was all alien. Was it just the alcohol? The panorama felt purple, painfully so. Colorless. "I shouldn't have come." Adar chanted, mostly to himself. He had become elusive once more, disconnected. There was a certain rage to it all.
  135. Nearly stumbling over, the young man removed himself from the stool.
  137. "I hope you all have a good night - congratulations Garrick." He'd be slurring his words, giving his back to the group and aimlessly waltzing down the bar, praying he'd find the exit to the building as soon as possible.
  138. (Adar Gutt)
  139. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  141. [23:20] Quite visibly, the Qilin enjoyed Garrick's performance. It was unlike the others, but just as good. Clapping, hooting, and hollering- she made it clear that she was thankful for his dance.
  143. "You did amazingly, Garrick."
  145. Raising her drink in congratulations, she soon downed the rest of the bottle. Yet something was off-
  147. It was odd, to say the least, seeing her friend's reaction to it all. Had it been Setsuna's fault? Was she not a good friend or hostess?
  149. Light blues curiously glanced at Adar, before she tilted her head in utter confusion. What had been a cheerful, fun night, soon turned into something different. Worried, concerned, yet she knew that in moments like this people needed their own space.
  151. To reflect. To understand.
  153. "Adar... Don't say that. I had a lot of fun with you this evening."
  155. A somewhat fake smile found its way on her countenance, as she turned on her chair to watch him walk towards the exit. As always, she treated him like a dear friend.
  157. "I'll come see you soon. I'll let you time to cool down, I'm sorry."
  159. With that, she suddenly didn't feel like drinking more. Turning back to face the bar, her gaze shifted to Declan and Keitaro. Wanting to say something, but waiting.
  160. (Setsuna Ukitake)
  161. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  163. [23:20] Garrick says, "My thanks! "
  164. [23:20] Garrick says, "Get that kid some water."
  165. [23:23] This actually felt terribly similar.
  167. Similar to what he's been put to experience back in Levengard Academy - except, back then you had a bunch of ruthless kids who only made it all much worse for Keitaro, but Adar had an opportunity to, well, at least not be put down over it.
  169. Besides, he's more than certain that Setsuna would speak to him later about it.
  171. "Well, uh- I think he'll be fine in a bit, but you're going to need to speak to him." A pause lingers. What else is there to say? "And, ah.. I might even have a clue.."
  173. Though, obviously, he would not say it here. Not while Adar is around. There's no point in getting the younger one embarrassed by saying it all out loud. That can wait.
  175. The Qilin will hear it in a bit.
  176. (Keitaro)
  177. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  179. [23:23] Garrick says, "Good stuff."
  180. [23:23] Garrick says, "Well, I'm beat. Good celebration. Thank you everyone for coming."
  181. [23:24] Declan Caelum says, "We should do this again..."
  182. [23:24] Garrick says, "That we should."
  183. [23:24] Garrick says, "It was a fun time."
  184. [23:25] Adar slammed the door on his way out.
  185. (Adar Gutt)
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