Anon's Anguish (Rarity's Regret, Pt. 2) (unofficial)

Jun 22nd, 2015
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  1. The artist's paste:
  3. >You grumble, muttering to yourself as you storm away from the boutique.
  4. "Unbelievable. Un-FUCKING-believable. Not a word of warning, the bitch just..."
  5. >The townsponies, seeing the fit of rage you're in, give you a wide berth.
  6. >That's very, very smart of you, because you're not even looking where you're going. If you could, you'd be crashing through the sides of buildings, leaving Anon-shaped holes in your wake.
  7. >Questions spin in your mind.
  8. >Why the sudden change of heart?
  9. >Is she seeing somepony else?
  10. >Was something wrong with the child?
  11. >Why didn't she tell you?
  12. >You shake your head, trying to clear your mind.
  13. >None of that matters. She's dead to you.
  14. >She died with your daughter.
  15. >The fresh air has very little effect on you, moving around you like everything else, lest it be bulldozed out of your path.
  16. >There's nothing special about the library; it's just somewhere you know you can crash.
  17. >It's on the other side of town, but that's a good thing.
  18. >It gives you an excuse to get as far away from your murderous ex as possible.
  19. >If she'd expressed her concerns to you, you could've worked something out.
  20. >You're becoming increasingly convinced that the reason she avoided telling you was that she KNEW how you'd react.
  21. >It's absolute bullshit that she would just ASSUME you'd go along with it, after all you two... you THREE had gone through already.
  22. >You barely notice the library drawing nearer, but after God knows how long you find yourself standing at the front door.
  23. >You pound on it with a clenched fist, not entirely sure whether you're knocking or trying to break it off of its hinges.
  24. >You're not sure it matters.
  25. >BANG!
  26. >BANG!
  28. >"I'm coming!"
  29. >The door swings open, and you look down to see Spike standing in the doorway.
  30. >"Geez, have some pa... Anon? Are you alright?"
  31. "Do I LOOK like I'm alright, Spike? Get Twilight."
  32. >"Anon, wh–"
  33. "TWILIGHT. NOW!"
  34. >Spike scrambles off, almost falling over in his haste.
  35. >You shake your head, muttering to yourself, and drop yourself forcefully onto Twilight's couch.
  36. >A few moments later, the purple alicorn comes hurrying up the basement steps.
  37. >"Anon, what's wrong? Spike said something was bothering you?"
  38. "I live here now."
  39. >Your response is short, matter-of-fact, and authoritative.
  40. >She tentatively walks closer.
  41. >"Did Rarity kick you out?"
  42. >You simply shake your head.
  43. >"Anonymous, if something's wrong, tell us! We're friends. We can sort things out."
  44. >You shake your head again.
  45. "No you can't."
  46. >"What? Please, if you ju–"
  47. "Rarity murdered our daughter."
  48. >Twilight blinks.
  49. >"Rarity did what?"
  50. "Are you deaf? She killed her. Amethyst is dead."
  51. >You sigh, the adrenaline of your rage wearing off.
  52. >You're exhausted. You start to notice tears have been pouring down your face.
  53. "No warning. She didn't even mention it to me until I brought her up. Just 'Surprise, she's dead!" and... and..."
  54. >You shake your head.
  55. >Twilight walks closer and gently sits down on the couch, but not too close to you.
  56. >"And she told you this? That she... killed her?"
  57. >You nod.
  58. "She said she'd spent our savings, and when I asked about the foal, she acted like she'd forgotten! And then it was just 'She's gone' and she went on about how she just ASSUMED I'd be fine with that! All for a fucking BUSINESS TRIP."
  59. >Twilight just nods, listening.
  60. >"That's awful!"
  61. >You sigh.
  62. "Yeah, no shit. I don't know who that bitch thinks she is, going behind my back like that."
  63. >Twilight nods.
  64. >"I'm just surprised she told you at all, Anon."
  65. "Oh? Why is that? Is she usually like this?"
  66. >Twilight shook her head.
  67. "What you just told me, if it's true, is horrible, and it's not something we take kindly to in Equestria."
  68. >You take several deep breaths in an attempt to calm yourself down.
  69. "Oh?"
  70. >Twilight nods.
  71. "It's technically illegal, but because a unicorn can do it at home with a simple spell, that's very hard to enforce, especially if the mare has connections. She was probably counting on you not knowing that."
  72. >You shake your head, processing the new information.
  73. >The vengeful part of you would absolutely love to see that selfish cunt rotting in a Canterlot dungeon, but that still wouldn't bring your daught...
  74. >Wait a second.
  75. "Twilight, did you say a spell?"
  76. >Twilight nods.
  77. >"Yes, it's one of the more basic spells of dark magic. It's forbidden, but it's also one of the least well-kept secrets in–"
  78. "Undo it, Twilight. Bring her back."
  79. >Twilight's eyes go wide.
  80. >"Wh...What? Anon, I–"
  81. >You stare her straight in the eyes.
  82. "You heard me. Do it. Put things back to normal."
  83. >Twilight shakes her head.
  84. >"I... I can't, Anon. I'm sorry, but I can't just bring somepony back to life!"
  85. >The tears are definitely flowing by now.
  86. "You can't, or you won't?"
  87. >"Both! It wouldn't do it if I could, but that's a moot point because it can't be done!"
  88. >You shake your head, refusing to believe her excuse.
  89. "No, you can do it; you just don't want to. You told me when I came here that there's nothing special about magic. That everything magic can do, magic can undo."
  90. >Twilight sighs, pulling out of your grip.
  91. >"No, it's not special; it follows the same laws of physics as the rest of the universe, including conservation of energy and, crucially, entropy."
  92. "Speak in normal words, Twilight."
  93. >Twilight rolls her eyes at you.
  94. "Yes, it's technically true that any spell can be reversed by a counterspell, but not always just as easily. Do you have any idea how much magical energy it would take to bring a pony back from the dead?"
  95. >You shake your head.
  96. "No, but I have a feeling you're about to tell me."
  97. >There's a brief pause.
  98. >"Well, I know you don't have any sense of scale for magical units, so I'll just say that it's even more magic than I used in my ascension."
  99. >You nod.
  100. "How much more?"
  101. >She sighs.
  102. >"A lot more. Enough to lift a house three stories off the ground."
  103. >You pause, thinking for a moment.
  104. "Do it."
  105. >Twilight sighs, shaking her head.
  106. >"Have you even been listening‽ I CAN'T! I'm sorry, Anon, but–"
  107. >You shake your head.
  108. "No, you said it would take a lot of energy. You have a lot of energy."
  109. >"Anon, you need to accept that she's gone and move on; y–"
  110. >You interrupt her.
  111. "I KNOW you have enough energy to lift a house three floors. All you'd have to do is reverse your ascension to make up the difference. Conservation of energy, right?"
  112. >Twilight shakes her head.
  113. >"Are you even listening to yourself? Do you have any idea what you're asking me to do? Give up my wings to bring your dead foal back to life?"
  114. >You smile slightly, realizing Twilight has shown her cards.
  115. "Aha, so I was right! You CAN bring Amethyst back."
  116. >Twilight slowly nods.
  117. >"It's not technically impossible, but that's where the 'won't' part comes in. I made a vow when I was coronated that I wouldn't use my alicorn magic to play god. If I broke that vow, Celestia w–"
  118. >You stand up.
  120. >You turn towards Twilight.
  121. "Really, 'play god'? RARITY is the one who played god; you'd just be putting things back the way they SHOULD be. You'd be FIXING what that bitch did!"
  122. >Twilight shook her head sternly.
  123. >"Anon, sit down; yelling won't change anything. I told you I can't j–"
  124. "You can do it, and you WILL do it."
  125. >You take a few steps closer to her.
  126. "Don't fucking push me. You have no idea what a human father is capable of doing to protect his children."
  127. >Twilight backs away from you, pressing into the back of the couch.
  128. >"E...Even if I did that, even if Rarity got arrested, she'd just cast the spell again, and I couldn't bring her back a second time! You'd be right back where we are, and I'd have lost my wings, and probably my title."
  129. >You surpress a grin, noticing her resolve is slipping.
  130. "Then protect her! Use your magic!"
  131. >Twilight shakes her head.
  132. >"You can't just use magic to stop somepony from dying! If there were a spell that could do that, we'd all be immortal!"
  133. >You nod, thinking. That's a good point.
  134. >You sigh.
  135. "Then do something more specific! The way you talked about it, it sounded like there's only one spell she could use. Just make it so that one specific spell doesn't work on her! You can do that, can't you?"
  136. >Twilight groans.
  137. >"Look, Anon, I know this is hard for you to accept, but I'm not resurrecting your daughter. I don't even know why I'm still debating this! Sometimes things happen in life, and we have to mourn and move on."
  138. >You lower your eyebrows.
  139. "Again, you didn't say you couldn't. You could protect her with magic, couldn't you? I'm guessing it wouldn't even be that hard."
  140. >Twilight doesn't respond.
  141. >That tells you everything you need to know.
  142. >You growl and lunge at her faster than she can react, reaching around her and wrapping your hands around the bases of her wings, tight enough to start to cut off circulation.
  143. "Listen here, you arrogant, selfish CUNT. If you won't sacrifice your precious wings to save my child's LIFE, you don't DESERVE them. I will rip them out of their sockets with my bare hands, and maybe THAT will release some of the magic you're hoarding."
  144. >Twilight looks up at you with fear in her eyes.
  145. >You grin.
  146. "So, what do you say? Do we have a deal?"
  147. >Twilight swallows and slowly nods.
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