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  1. I use a plugin called EasyBackup to make the backup zips, and I auto download them with sftp to a storage drive.  I keep a max of 4 since I have a 500gb drive, and they overwrite, and they were overwritten because it kept starting over when easybackup went nuts and kept going until it took up all storage and the server restarted.  The server went to 100% ssd usage, and the sqlite databases were deleted first - which is what our protection plugin + other plugins use for data storage.  Don't know why it did those first but it did.  Server kept restarting and left me with 4 useless files on the storage drive.  And I got my sysadmin guy I hire to fix the database for the control panel so I could get in, and he deleted all of the backups, that's one thing I screwed up, I should've been more specific about what to keep.  None of them might've been useful though, idk I couldn't get in myself.
  3. My easy backup settings were to stop at a certain disk space usage, and to only keep 1 itself.  And to only backup on monday at 415am, but my settings got ignored probably because of an update that changed the config and use the new default instead of my file that was in there.
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