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Pure Water

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  1.  Pure Water
  2. Pure Water
  4. Difficulty: 2 out of 3
  5. Mana Cost: 1 out of 3
  7. An elemental spell usable with a contract with a water spirit. Invigorates the water elements that comprise the “water” targeted, purifying it and removing filth and toxins from the water.
  9. Water spirits and water elements are existences that symbolize “purity”. If there is only a slight amount of filth and toxins, then this spell needn't even be used. Even in their natural state, water elements have the power to maintain themselves in a pure state at least to a minor degree so that water can dilute and eventually be purified. This spell amplifies that purification by invigorating the water elements, so that the kind of filth and toxins that either couldn't be purified or would take many years to purify if left to nature, can be instantly eliminated. This spell has a broad range of usages. Naturally, it can convert filthy muddy water into water fit for human drinking, and a higher rank caster can even restore an enormous poisoned lake where no fish can live to its clean original state, teaming with life. Also, the “water” targeted needn't be purely water. For instance, the various bodily fluids that make up living things also contain water elements. When used on living things, it also functions as a detoxification spell by removing only that which is harmful to the body from the water within it, i.e, the blood.
  11. Purification performed by water elements is done according to the values of the water spirit which is their embodiment. It's often said that fish can't live in water without a spec of filth, but spirits who form water to cultivate life innately know how water must be for living things. That which is required by aquatic life is never treated as impurities, and only toxins and filth that are clearly harmful to living things can be removed. Furthermore, among the properties held by water elements there are also those such as “fusion”, which allows substances dissolved in water to bind with it, and “flow”, which creates currents in water. Dissolving nutrients, mana, etc. beneficial to aquatic life in the water and uniformly distributing it is one of the most important roles of water spirits and water elements. A highly talented water elementalist is even capable of artifically manipulating the nature of these things. In other words, the true nature of “pure water” is to “transform the water's quality”. That means not only can specific compounds be removed from the water, it's even possible to add specific compounds to the water.
  13. Elementalists who can freely manipulate “water” in this manner are involved in a variety of industries. They can serve as excellent healers, become doctors who prepare a variety of magical drugs, or become professionals who adjust the quality of the water in lakes and seas to ensure that a greater quantity of fish can be caught, etc. Being able to freely change the quality of water means that theoretically it should be possible to poison lakes and rivers, mass killing large quantities of fish, humans, etc., but using it in such a manner would infuriate the spirit, and the water elements themselves would never obey, so it's actually impossible.
  15. On the other hand, the values of water spirits that have become monster spirits change tremendously upon becoming monsters, and the nature of water elements changes at the same time. Since water monster spirits try to be pure and chaste for their partner, they hate poison and filth that would harm their beloved even more, and their power to purify it becomes even stronger. On the other hand, they come to have a lewd mentality as well and delight in having their body which they had kept pure defiled by their partner's essence so that it grows cloudy. As if to indicate this, water elements tainted by darkness will start to actively incorporate mamono mana, maintaining thicker concentrations of it without diluting it at all. If one alters the quality of water using “impure water”, a changed form of “pure water”, then one can dissolve mana in the water that causes humans to go wild with lust or triggers monsterization. While toxins lethal to humans are immediately purified, toxins that transform humans into monsters remain dissolved in the water and are not diluted. Also, by using “impure water” on a living thing, aphrodisiacs taken into the blood stream can be diffused throughout the body and with their effects dramatically increased, and if even the slightest amount of mamono mana is present, then monsterization can even be triggered.
  17. It's a peculiar method of use, but monster casters who form contracts with water spirits will use it to alter the nature of their own saliva and love juice. It's possible to alter these fluids which contain one's own mana more easily and with more variety. They may be given powerful aphrodisiac qualities, or if already endowed with them in the first place, they can be further enhanced. It's even possible to add a variety of magical effects. Monsters with water spirits in tow have all of the “water” flowing within their bodies converted to poison that melts men and makes them drown. When attacking a human man, they'll aggressively steal his lips. Of course, this goes for the saliva poured inside, and in the case of a high rank caster, she can even alter her saliva “after” it has been poured into a man's body. Having his lips stolen by one of them means that he will be dominated by her from the very inside of his body, and as if equally, gently, melting, and as if getting used to it, he'll be stained into a being who is appropriate as a monster's partner.
  19. “...Now the toxins inside you have disappeared.
  20. Anyhow... your water is very clear... I'm sure it'll look very pretty when clouded with pleasure...♥”
  21. ~a Nereid elementalist~
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