Fapman - Talking to Trixie

Aug 9th, 2015
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  1. “Trixie?” you spat out in shock when you saw her taking a seat next to your nearly empty table.
  2. >She put her tray with a salad and some fries down, then looked at you with a smile.
  3. >Hoping that this wasn’t some kind of stupid joke, like the ones she used to play on you for most of the last year, you raised a brow waiting for an answer.
  4. >There was a noticeable sadness in her eyes, realizing that she focused on eating.
  5. >Recently no one has been paying attention or pestering you, thanks to exams, so no one realized or cared that Trixie had sat next to you and didn’t badmouth you, nor flip your tray, or anything offensive at all.
  6. >Why would you remind them of your existence if everything went by unsuspectedly good so far?
  7. >You went back to eating, still eyeing her from time to time, just in case if she wanted to splash her orange juice on you.
  8. >But nothing like that happened.
  9. >Just before you stood up, Trixie spoke to you for first time that day, “Norman?”
  10. >’Ah, finally! The point of the joke!’ your thought galloped as you sat there, you noticed her looking at you.
  11. >”Can we talk?” her voice was different from her normal demanding attitude, in fact, it sounded kind of girly.
  12. “Yeah, sure. Why not...” you turned to her pushing both of your trays a bit away from you, just in case it was really some trick.
  13. >She watched as you did that with a dissatisfied look on her face, but she didn’t comment on it… which was more distracting than anything else.
  14. >Silent Trixie was like a time bomb, and everyone knew that, mostly because she exploded almost as loudly as vice-principal Luna.
  15. >Her eyes locked onto yours and she started.
  16. >”Norman, Trixie has been thinking a lot recently and…”, she made a theatrical pause, because she knew you would never believe her she bit her lip and averted her gaze, she didn’t look very in control of her actions.
  17. >She didn’t continue.
  18. “Trixie? I don’t get what you’re trying to say-”
  20. >”Trixie apologizes, Norman,” she said, so quietly and fast you didn’t understand her at first, nor could you believe her intentions, so you instinctively scanned the cafeteria and… no one was paying attention to you, that made you more nervous.
  21. “E-excuse me?” was all you were able to stammer out.
  22. >Her eyes once again met yours and she turned towards your direction.
  23. >A melancholic smile was on her face when she sighed and continued, “Trixie is terribly sorry that she has pestered you,” her eyes looked determined when she said that.
  24. >It sounded rather sincere, but then again she was a magician.
  25. >Tricks were her element.
  26. “Well,” breathing in, you scanned her face looking for the slightest hint of dishonesty, but to no avail.
  27. “Thanks Trixie. I guess,” even in your ears you didn’t sound very honest.
  28. >You leaned in to take your tray and stand up, but she intercepted your hand with both of hers.
  29. >Aha!
  30. “What?” you hissed at her aggressively, but let her warm, little hands stay on yours to avoid any drastic moves that would probably draw the attention you were trying to avoid.
  31. >But the perplexing situation hasn’t even begun.
  32. >Trixie was observing your hand in her hands, and then to your surprise started massaging it.
  33. >You were like a deer caught in the headlights.
  34. >You had forgotten how to breath, and even forgot to observe your surroundings, that could be far more worse in effects for you.
  35. >Her hands felt hot and soft, but that didn’t matter.
  36. >You glared at her again, she had been waiting for that.
  37. >”Trixie knows that you don’t believe she is sorry…” she lost a breath, but regained her composure, “But she truly is.”
  38. >Still avoiding your gaze, she caressed your hand very slowly, very gently.
  39. >You were about to say something, but she continued.
  40. >”All the jokes Trixie had played on you, all the plotting against you-”
  41. “Wait a minute,” you put your other hand in the air to stop her, “P-Plotting against me?”
  43. >She sighed, “That doesn’t matter anymore, because Trixie will no longer hurt you, Norman. Trixie promises,” saying that she freed your hand.
  44. >Could this situation be any more weirder?
  45. >Trixie didn’t want to bully you anymore?
  46. >Why?
  47. “Why?”
  48. >”Why?” her voice trembled, but it still didn’t sound like her usual voice, this one was… normal and less trumpet-like.
  49. >She didn’t seem to understand so you leaned a bit to her and whispered.
  50. “Yes, why. Why you of all the people, you hated me without reason, why exactly you are trying to make me feel all secure all of a sudden?” you didn’t want to grind your teeth but that happened automatically.
  51. >You straightened your back on the chair waiting for an answer.
  52. >She smirked, that wasn’t a good sign, that fired you up with insecurity once more, she took both of your trays and stood up quickly.
  53. >Passing right by you, she leaned down, her face close to yours and whispered in your ear.
  54. >”Because, I want you,” she said very slowly in her usual mocking tone, then kissed the upper part of your ear.
  55. >Your heart was racing so quickly it was miracle you were still sitting.
  56. >Your face was burning.
  57. >Looking around cafeteria you saw everyone was preoccupied with their own matters.
  58. >You followed Trixie with your eyes as she put the trays back in their place and returned to her table, where her gang was looking for her.
  59. >”Trixie! Where have you been?!” couple of voices attacked her when they saw her coming.
  60. >”Are you hungry, Trixie? Do you want some-”
  61. >Trixie interrupted her friends, ”No, but thank you. The Great and Powerful Trixie is already full.”
  62. >So even they didn’t know what was going to happen.
  63. >Unless it was all part of a bigger ruse.
  64. >But the bell rang and Pinkie Pie materialised out of nowhere, only to grab your hand and drag you with her to biology.
  66. >Just before the two of you entered class, she stopped you, focusing her big, blue eyes on you, she demanded, “You have to tell me everything after class.”
  67. >’Oh, no.’
  68. >’It was impossible not to be noticed by anyone!’
  69. >’Especially not by Pinkie!’
  70. >’Hold on, you didn’t do anything wrong and she is your friend.’
  71. >As soon as that thought came into your mind you saw a shit eating grin plastered on Pinkie’s face.
  72. “Alright, but you can’t tell anyone,” you wagged a finger at her.
  73. >”Pinkie promise,” she said wiggling, her eyebrows moved up and down couple of times.
  74. “It’s nothing like that; I mean you know how Trixie is,” you said but she interrupted, shushing you with a finger on your mouth.
  75. >”I know what I saw,” her voice was more than just a little excited.
  76. >Frustration? Well, it was your element at the moment.
  77. “It’s not like that-”
  78. >”Ekhm,” a hard, deep voice made you turn around and see professor Sombra looking at you, and Pinkie too, but mostly you.
  79. >”Get to class,” he literally barked.
  80. >And so you did just that.
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