Jan 22nd, 2013
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  1. <HellLagger> who are yoy?
  2. <,mulhaqTrollAccount> Me
  3. <,mulhaqTrollAccount> Lol
  4. <HellLagger> who are you*
  5. <,mulhaqTrollAccount> Just mulhaq
  6. <HellLagger> I find it amazing that you can kill me
  7. <,mulhaqTrollAccount> Never seen me before?
  8. <,mulhaqTrollAccount> Haha I predict where you go
  9. <HellLagger> ....
  10. <HellLagger> Amazing
  11. <,mulhaqTrollAccount> You move to the same spot
  12. <,mulhaqTrollAccount> Every once in a while
  13. <HellLagger> ....
  14. <,mulhaqTrollAccount> And I wait and strike
  15. <,mulhaqTrollAccount> lolol
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