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Well-timed OOC spoils ERP

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May 9th, 2014
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  1. Lucky Tylor whispers, "becouse you like it, like any other good girl..."
  2. Christopher Beckett [145.9] says, "What the shit happened in holodeck"
  3. Ellise Fuzzle says, "Ahn~"
  4. DEAD: Ty Andrews cries, "I would've had it if I named each ID differently"
  5. Danny Sweeney [145.9] says, " plasma fires"
  6. Andy Kong [145.9] says, "I have awoken."
  7. DEAD: Janet Williams moans, "Emag is god-tier. If it wasn't for Emag being able to do things -nothing- else can, I would balloon run all day every day"
  8. Moe Tsun'Dere [145.9] gibbers, "UNF-FIIS-SHED-D.!"
  9. Danny Sweeney [145.9] says, " i'm going to kill myself spectacularly"
  10. Danny Sweeney [145.9] says, " who wants to see"
  11. DEAD: Tessa Rosa complains, "use tc = whoever you dunk cry and call you unoriginal for the next ten minutes after round end"
  12. Ellise Fuzzle whispers, "I'm a good girl"
  13. Ward Robertson [145.9] says, "ANDY CALL THE SHUTTLE"
  14. Andy Kong [145.9] says, "Say Andy Senpai."
  15. Lucky Tylor whispers, "are you...?"
  16. Danny Sweeney [145.9] says, " who wants to see me die a glorious death"
  17. Lucky Tylor spanks Ellise
  18. Ellise Fuzzle moans!
  19. DEAD: Janet Williams cries, "If I could hack the PA Shutter buttons open, if I could hack the holodeck's safeties off, I would balloon run every day."
  20. Ellise Fuzzle whispers, "you said I was"
  21. Lucky Tylor spanks Ellise
  22. Dane Richter [145.9] says, " Ward man. Come to arrivals."
  23. Ellise Fuzzle moans!
  24. Christopher Beckett [145.9] says, "FUCK"
  25. >>>OOC: Psyentific: These lazy emotes.
  26. Christopher Beckett [145.9] says, "HOLO CARPS"
  27. Lucky Tylor whispers, "when did I said you were a good girl?"
  28. >>>OOC: Psyentific: C'mon man, step it up.
  29. Danny Sweeney [145.9] says, " im going to kill myself at medbay who wants to see"
  30. Ellise Fuzzle says, "St-stop"
  31. Christopher Beckett [145.9] says, "RECREATION AREA IS GONE"
  32. Ellise Fuzzle moans!
  33. Christopher Beckett [145.9] says, "CALL IT, AI"
  34. >>>OOC: Jwakefield: shut up
  35. Priority Announcement
  37. gotta go fast
  39. >>>Lucky Tylor whispers, "{no!}"
  40. Priority Announcement
  42. The emergency shuttle has been called. It will arrive in 10 minutes.
  44. DEAD: Ty Andrews moans, "I hope Lucky washes his hands afterwards"
  45. >>>OOC: Jake mate: yeah shut up
  46. Danny Sweeney [145.9] stammers, " sp-pas-sib-bo it-t-t-ts-s t-t-tim-me t-to g-gow-wh-hy-y"
  47. OOC: Jake mate: This is our town, beat it scrub
  48. >>>Lucky Tylor whispers, "{know what, you come here and fuck the girl}"
  49. DEAD: Danny Sweeney stammers, "what the fuck"
  50. DEAD: Danny Sweeney stammers, "I wanted to set myself on fire"
  51. >>>Lucky Tylor whispers, "{Im out}"
  52. DEAD: Ty Andrews complains, "ahahahaha"
  53. DEAD: Janet Williams whines, "Lucky Tylor whispers, "{know what, you come here and fuck the girl}""
  54. DEAD: Ty Andrews whines, "daaaaamn"
  55. DEAD: Janet Williams cries, "Lucky Tylor whispers, "{Im out}""
  56. DEAD: Tessa Rosa cries, "wut"
  57. DEAD: Janet Williams cries, "AH HAHAHAHAH"
  58. DEAD: Janet Williams cries, "OH GOD"
  59. DEAD: Danny Sweeney stammers, "may emershon why"
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