MGE Side III Queen Diana

Sep 25th, 2020
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  1. The Seventh Song Island of Serenity
  2. Queen Diana
  4. The Witch’s sweet voice echoes, an ark of tranquility slumbering in the depths.
  6. Diva: Asura Mythra (Kraken) Inherited Song: Serenity
  7. Main Residents: Scylla, Kraken, Charybdis, Nereid, Shoggoth
  8. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. A small island welcomes you, one that appears empty at first glance.
  10. Take your guide’s hand and dive into the water, and from the darkness of the depths emerges the outline of an enormous ship that makes up the Seventh Song Island “Queen Diana”, and a city lit by mysterious lights resembling a beautiful night sky...
  11. The ocean is frightening? Rest assured! By the power of “Poseidon’s Blessing”, even humans can safely enjoy themselves!
  12. The “Luxury Liner Perrine Melno”, the “Slave Ship Lu Tine”, and of course, the “Giant Battleship Queen Diana”! From the center stages of history, many famous ships that have disappeared to the bottom of the sea have been transformed into the current cityscape, and are now mysteries of the depths!
  13. Take a deep-sea excursion on a “Submarine”, and view the creepy yet beautiful forest of sea tentacles and glowing coral reefs! The world of the deep sea you’ve never seen awaits you!
  14. For customers arriving as a couple, we have luxury liner suites graciously prepared.
  15. In Queen Diana, where time passes slowly, we promise a romantic night where time stops when you gaze into each other’s eyes, and every breath becomes cherished!
  16. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  17. Court Alf National Memorial Festival
  18. Witch’s Hidden Treasures exhibit now open!
  20. The world at the bottom of the sea, long unexplored by mankind, is a treasure trove of the collective history of the Asuramis Sea...
  21. We are pleased to announce the many hidden treasures the deep-sea witch and diva “Asura Mythra” has collected from ships she has sunk, or gathered from the sea floor while on one of her casual strolls, are now open to the public.
  22. The “Museum Ship Majon”, which carries the legacies unraveling the history of the ancient Asuramis Sea, is now displaying sunken ancient tablets that are still being deciphered, as well as numerous statues of wisdom.
  23. We have also graciously prepared a space for scholars and mages trying to decipher them.
  25. With the cooperation of specialists from the city of fine arts, Nevia, the “Art Ship Avery”, which carries lost works of art, has many restored paintings and sculptures now on display.
  26. There is also a café area where guests may relax and appreciate the art.
  28. Aboard the “Treasure Ship Anxial”, which carries hidden treasures such as beautiful gems and jewelry, the crown of an ancient kingdom and gorgeous jewels beloved by well-known nobility are now on display.
  29. Among them are cursed jewels blessed by fiends that have tempted people, so in the event you notice symptoms such as monsterization or an increase in sexual desire caused by such items, you may freely use one of the bedrooms we have graciously prepared.
  31. The “Witch’s Hidden Treasures Exhibit” is being held in the area straight out from the east entrance of the Queen Diana, and taking a right in front of the “Deep-Sea Fish Ryōtei Ship Josephish”.*
  32. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  33. For Men! Recommendations for singles♥
  34. The world of the deep sea is isolated from the surface. This city, where even the flow of time feels different, is a perfect place to spend a quiet and relaxing time away from the shackles of daily life!
  36. Queen Diana, a collection of hidden treasures and sunken ships from all over the Asuramis Sea, is a deep-sea museum packed with valuable knowledge and heritage for scholars and mages!
  37. It’s also a fun place to take a quick stroll while thinking about all of the ships from different eras that make up the cityscape.
  38. There are also many restaurants and bars with a calm atmosphere, so you can enjoy an elegant trip!
  39. On the other hand, the many mysterious shops befitting the atmosphere of the dark depths are also charming...♥
  40. In order to avoid becoming prey to the beautiful monsters hiding in ships to devour men that get lost, make sure you investigate the shops properly♥
  41. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  42. Advice for those that want such a bride!
  43. The quiet girls that lurk in the depths are mysterious women♥
  44. While they appear quiet at first glance, the lust they hide in their chests is very murky♥
  45. They find it charming to show them such deep affection that you seem dependent on them♥
  46. There are also many girls that love clinging hugs♥
  48. *Ryōtei are a type of fancy traditional japanese restaurant.
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