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  1. Guest_alli269 has joined the chat
  2. Guest_alli269: Why are u here chuii
  3. Michuii: because i can be and im a mod.
  4. Guest_alli269: After your post about nai which is a mod here ur not welcome here
  5. Guest_alli269: And sam is aware of what u posted about nai
  6. Guest_alli269: U can delete it all u want but she knows what u posted darling
  7. MichuiiMichuii : i know she is, and its actually solved me and nai are still talking and actually are going to be together and ive been helping sam with her pc room, and do not call me darling i dont like pet names.
  8. Guest_PrimePunisher115 has joined the chat
  9. Michuii: welcomes
  10. Guest_PrimePunisher115: hey
  11. MichuiiMichuii : how are you?
  12. Guest_alli269: Don’t think your special by me calling you darling Bc ur not to me
  13. Guest_PrimePunisher115Guest_PrimePunisher115 WhisperAdd Friend: bored rn
  14. Guest_PrimePunisher115: um who u talkin to alli
  15. Michuii: i asked you not to call me darling i dont think im special im just trying to be here, like everyone else.
  16. Guest_PrimePunisher115Guest_PrimePunisher115 WhisperAdd Friend: ok whats this arguement about?
  17. Michuii: and thats understandable prime, currently trying to find a show to watch
  18. Guest_alli269: Well I’m just saying every time you get sand in your pussy don’t talk about the other mods period
  19. Guest_PrimePunisher115: plz dont start with this. we should put our differences aside and be friends.
  20. Michuii: she hates me because i "broke" up with her when i wasnt even dating her, now shes yelling at me because i found out that anouther mod in this room was cheating on 7 different girls, but now me and him are fixed and actually talking again and he wants to be with me and the owner of this room knows about this and her mother knows about this as well and its been fixed, yet here is the drama, im keeping my mouth shut.
  21. Guest_alli269: That’s the last I’m gonna say about this I ain’t gonna lie to you chuii I don’t like you and I will never like you but I will respect sam and my mom and everyone else just know I don’t like you
  22. Guest_alli269: I can care less that u broke up with me we wasn’t even dating so I don’t give a fuck about you or what happened I just simply don’t like u on more than just one reason
  23. Guest_alli269: And I ain’t even yelling st you love u would know if I was yelling st you
  24. Michuii: then leave me alone, im not doing anything to you.
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