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Dies irae: Getting Started

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Oct 2nd, 2018
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  1. Dies irae: Getting Started
  3. >What is this?
  4. Dies irae is a Visual Novel written by Masada Takashi and published by Light. It is the largest title in the Shinza Banshou setting and the main work that the upcoming mobage Dies irae Pantheon will be based on. The game also has a prequel titled Interview with Kaziklu Bey and both a manga and anime adaptation. Do not watch the anime before reading the VN as it is confusing, poorly communicates important plot points and has a low budget that forces it to rely on low quality CG-animation.
  6. >What order to play the game
  7. There is no locked route order to the game and while it can theoretically be played in any order it is HEAVILY recommended that you play Kasumi>Kei>Marie Rea. The routes build up on one another and are intended to be played in this order, and the latter route will be confusing without without playing the earlier routes first. is a spoiler free guide.
  9. >Amantes Amantes or Acta est Fabula
  10. The Amantes Amantes version is the definitive and complete version of Dies irae and includes side stories that expand on events before and after the routes as well as an extra scene and ending for the final route. Acta est Fabula lacks these additions but is 18+ with H-scenes and uncensored H-CGs. The Amantes Amantes version has cropped CGs, however there is a patch available to fix that.
  11. The recommended way to play is to play the Amantes Amantes version, with the 4:3 Aspect Ratio patch if you dislike cropped CGs, and then skip through the Acta est Fabula version to view the H-scenes in the Scene library.
  13. >Other Titles
  14. The other VN titles in the Shinza Banshou setting are Interview with Kaziklu Bey (A direct prequel), Paridise Lost (An indirect prequel disconnected from the events of DI) and Kajiri Kamui Kagura (A sequel). Currently they are all untranslated. Dies irae also has a series of partially translated spinoff novels titled 'Dies irae: Song to the Witch centered around Rusalka and an Audio Drama titled Todestag Verloren which explores more of Machina's backstory. Dies irae Pantheon is an upcoming mobile gacha game that will take place following the events of KKK, and will include characters from all titles within the setting.
  16. >I've read it, what now?
  17. Read the other works in the setting if you know Japanese, otherwise join the eternal wait for translations.
  18. If you got this guide from an anon in /vg/ or /a/ come join us at /sbg/ in /jp/ while we wait for pantheon.
  20. Ultimately, remember to have fun and enjoy.
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