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  1. >> Метод: address
  2. Документация: 1f30cbb9-c7d8-4239-8dc0-ce39209d6d3a
  3. >> Метод: getProgramLocations
  4. Документация: function():table -- Returns a map of program name to disk label for known programs.
  5. >> Метод: getDeviceInfo
  6. Документация: function():table -- Collect information on all connected devices.
  7. >> Метод: start
  8. Документация: function():boolean -- Starts the computer. Returns true if the state changed.
  9. >> Метод: slot
  10. Документация: -1
  11. >> Метод: stop
  12. Документация: function():boolean -- Stops the computer. Returns true if the state changed.
  13. >> Метод: type
  14. Документация: computer
  15. >> Метод: beep
  16. Документация: function([frequency:string or number[, duration:number]]) -- Plays a tone, useful to alert users via audible feedback.
  17. >> Метод: isRunning
  18. Документация: function():boolean -- Returns whether the computer is running.
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