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  1. I installed grub 2 after I finished the install.
  2. then I did
  3. grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
  4. and
  5. grub_bios-install --grub-setup=/bin/true --boot-directory=/boot --no-floppy --recheck /dev/sda
  6. and they did fine too.
  7. after that I rebooted and i got
  8. error: symbol not found.
  9. 'grub_divmod64_full'
  11. Entering rescue mode ...
  13. grub rescue>
  14. i removed grub2 by pacman and install it again and I did the process again and I get the same error.
  15. I have no idea where and how to fix it but I know it is something to do with grub mostly.
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