MH - S01 E06

Oct 27th, 2014
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  1. <Darkling> The sounds of the forest at night are alive and loud. The creaks and groans of ancient trees, the squeaks and screams of animals, and the silent patter of a light rain surround you. And the smells. The air is full of them, smells you've never known before bring sheer pleasure to your senses. This is a night to be alive. This is a night to enjoy. You head off through the woods, not in any direction in particular, but somewhere with a purpose.
  2. <Darkling> For some reason you've reached town, this wasn't where you thought you would go. It is so much more dead than the forest. But here you are, stalking through small alleys in between brick buildings instead of tall moss covered trees. There must be some sort of prey here, where to look? The docks, the town core or the residential area?
  3. <Darkling> You make your way to the main housing area in the town. Rows upon rows of houses, most dark without a light on at this time, greet you. There's not a soul in sight, just cars lining driveways and a few on the street, lit up by streetlamps. You stark stalking through backyards, between houses, in gardens finding only a mouse here or there. Playthings, not real food.
  4. <Darkling> Wait, what's this? A creak of wood and metal and a door is opening. Light floods out into the night as a man emerges from the portal or light carrying a large bag presumably full of garbage. He whistles an off-key tune and heads off into the dark towards the front of his house. This could be interesting. Want to follow him, stay in your hiding spot, or head inside the house?
  5. <Darkling> You hear more noise inside the house and it lures you inside. It's much brighter in here, the air is full of smells from cooking. Someone must have been having a late dinner other than you. There's a tinkling noise from down a hallway, and you start to stalk slower, getting close to the ground.
  6. <Darkling> "Is that you Bruce?" A soft voice calls from down the hall. "Come on, hurry up, I'm getting cold in bed waiting for you." There's a trail of clothing leading down the hall towards a bedroom, guiding you to your prey. This was too easy, you didn't even have to use any of your senses here. You round the corner into the bedroom, your prey is stirring amidst a pile of silk blankets.
  7. <Darkling> "Finally!" The woman in the bed sits up as you're entering the room thinking it was her lover. "What the hell?" Her eyes go wide and she screams as you lunge.
  8. <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. <Darkling> Monday morning arrives, another school day after the weekend.
  10. <Darkling> Everyone in class in whispering about the news this morning. Apparently there was a murder in town, some local woodworker's wife was killed in her home. They're suspecting him, as he was found at the scene ranting and covered in blood.
  11. <Avaline> "Oh, how tragic. I hope she comes back from the dead and kicks his ass." Avaline says quietly.
  12. <@Mr_Rage> "Not likely," Izumi clucks her tongue. "Nobody come back. Not really."
  13. <Tina_> "I can't believe someone would do that..."
  14. <Avaline> "Way to ruin my fantasy, Izumi." Ava says playfully.
  15. Billy_Blackfeather isn't in class or even at school, naturally.
  16. <@Mr_Rage> "Why sell fake fantasy when real one worth more?" A lazy grin.
  17. <Darkling> "You guys heard from Billy at all?" Elisa asks.
  18. <Tina_> "Not really, no. But she's never around."
  19. <Avaline> "Yeah, what Tina said. She might be taking some time off after I gave her some spiritual advice." She doesn't sound too convinced of that.
  20. <Darkling> "Hope she's okay." She goes back to her assignment.
  21. <Avaline> As does Ava.
  22. <Tina_> "You actually got her to talk to you?" Tina looks at Ava, surprised. "That's great!"
  23. <Avaline> "Mhm. We talk about stuff at the pizza place every now and then."
  24. <Tina_> "Oh? Well...I'm glad you guys get along so well. It's nice to know there's an actual person somewhere inside of her."
  25. <Darkling> "She needs more people to talk to."
  26. <Avaline> "Not sure it's my place to talk about it, but I saw some weird stuff."
  27. <Tina_> "W-what kind of wierd stuff?"
  28. <Avaline> "Angry, creepy spirits in her neck of the woods."
  29. <Darkling> "Spirits? That's silly."
  30. <Avaline> "Make what you want of it. I think I'm a pretty good fortune teller with my evil magical leprechaun voodoo powers of doom."
  31. <Darkling> "Well I still think it's all mumbo jumbo, no offense."
  32. <Avaline> "It's cool. One day I'll prove myself to you."
  33. <Darkling> Your teacher pipes up suddenly. "Did anyone go out to watch the lunar eclipse last night? It's not too often you see a full moon eclipsed!" One or two students raise their hands.
  34. <Darkling> "Deal, but until I have proof, I'll remain skeptical."
  35. <Avaline> Ava raises her hand as well.
  36. <Tina_> "Lunar eclipse? Like...Like a blood moon?"
  37. <Darkling> "That'd be it. It's a wonderful sight."
  38. <Tina_> "I wish I'd have seen it."
  39. <Darkling> "I had to stay in last night and do my chores." Elisa pouts a bit.
  40. <Darkling> When lunch rolls around, Billy still hasn't shown up at school. Being the concerned friends you are, you head out to the woods looking for her. Of course, none of you have actually been to her house, so you start where you can, heading to her Gramps' cabin.
  41. <Avaline> Ava trudges through the woods, her tone cheerful despite her body language saying otherwise. "I really hate ticks, you girls know that? Sometimes they somehow manage to get in places where no tick should go. Not fun!"
  42. Tina_ leads the way, keeping an eye out in the treetops for Billy with her bow and arrow. "Yeah, ticks are awful."
  43. <@Mr_Rage> "Nothing wrong with wanting," Izumi picks her way through the forestry carefully, though she hasn't swatted at any bugs in a fair while. No visible bites, either.
  44. <Darkling> The forest is eerily calm today, only the occasional insect or bird making noise as you follow the little worn path.
  45. <Tina_> "Why does she always have to dissapear like this?"
  46. <Darkling> "Maybe she doesn't know any better."
  47. <Avaline> "Difficult family life doesn't help anything. And let's face it. A lot of teachers and students alike can be a pain in the ass."
  48. <Tina_> "Well, yeah. But...It's just kind of worrying me." She said a little softly. "I mean, we were talking before about...well you know werewolves and with the full moon and lunar eclipse...and now she's not showing up to school..."
  49. <Darkling> "Werewolves don't exist Tina. That's just a myth."
  50. <Tina_> "You're right. I know. I'm just being dumb again."
  51. <Avaline> "I'm open to the idea of that stuff, Tina."
  52. <Darkling> Gramp's cabin comes into view, a bit of smoke coming up through the chimney and the old man himself sitting in a wood rocker on the porch.
  53. <Tina_> "You don't think that that's what's happening to her, do you Ava?" When Tina sees gramps she quickens the pace. "Gramps!"
  54. <Darkling> The old man makes no move to get up, greet them, or anything for that matter. He just seems to be staring off into the woods.
  55. <Avaline> "Maybe. I've seen some weird stuff, but I'd rather not jump to any conclusions until we've got a bit more." She picks up the pace as well, waving to the old man.
  56. <Tina_> "Izumi? What do you think?"
  57. <@Mr_Rage> "Hmm?" The Japanese girl clucks her tongue. "It certainly line up nice."
  58. <Tina_> "Aww man..." That just makes Tina more nervous. "Gramps?"
  59. <Avaline> Ava eventually closes the distance to the old man, addressing him with a smile. "Hey, Gramps. What's up? Seen Billy lately?"
  60. <@Mr_Rage> "In end, not matter much what monster inside Billy called. Matter how to tame it," Izumi adds on quietly.
  61. <Darkling> Gramps turns as they reach the porch, his eyes look wet. Maybe the tanned and wrinkled old man was crying?
  62. <Tina_> "What's wrong?" Tina says as she catches up to Ava and sees the old man. "Are you ok?"
  63. <Darkling> "The forest is sick, it spreads a disease."
  64. <Avaline> "Yeah... I've seen something off about the place."
  65. Tina_ looks around at the others, confused. "W-What are you talking about?"
  66. <Darkling> "You of all should feel it." He pokes Tina right in the chest.
  67. <Avaline> Ava's jaw drops, her expression mildly scandalized. Then she stares at Tina's chest, right where she got poked.
  68. <Darkling> "The forest is angry, it has taken long years, but it seeks vengeance."
  69. Tina_ gapes, her eyes on the old man. "Something...does feel wrong... I feel kind of sick." She holds her stomach and steadies herself on the rail of the porch.
  70. <Avaline> "Got anything to do with that rock, Gramps?" She makes her way over to Tina, looking concerned and thoughtful.
  71. <Tina_> "Rock?" Tina asks, confused but grateful for Ava's company.
  72. <Darkling> He nods faintly, squinting. "It takes it's toll on those within, but its grasp is far."
  73. <Tina_> "A rock, takes it's toll? I don't understand..."
  74. <Avaline> "Figured. Like I said earlier, Tina... dark spirits in this neck of the woods." With some hesitation she pokes at Tina's chest. One of the squishier parts of it, at that.
  75. Tina_ eyes her, "Um." She rubs absentmindedly at the spot Ava poked. "But why are they so angry? And where's Billy?"
  76. <Darkling> ""Nikiq is hiding from the wrath."
  77. <Avaline> "Err... ah... ehehehe... I... well..." Avaline begins looking a bit flustered. "Hehehe... yeah... sorry, Tina. That was... well... there was some betrayal involved... and... sorry! I need to go for a minute!" She goes off the porch abruptly, making her way over to hide behind a tree.
  78. <Tina_> "Betrayal? But..." She watches Ava run off. "Billy is hiding?"
  79. <Darkling> He nods again.
  80. <@Mr_Rage> "Hiding, hm?" Izumi watches Ava go, folding her arms. "Think she need someone hide with her?"
  81. <Tina_> "Maybe." Tina says, still trying to figure everything out. "Does Billy feel sick like this too?"
  82. <Avaline> Avaline lurks behind the tree and stares at her finger with a dreamy expression and a stupid grin.
  83. <Darkling> "Nikiq needs much. The flower is sicker than all."
  84. <Darkling> He extends and arm between the girls pointing at a path amidst the trees.
  85. <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl turns to follow his indication with her gaze.
  86. Tina_ looks out in that direction as well.
  87. <Darkling> nothing is there, but maybe he's telling you that's where Billy is?
  88. <Avaline> Avalina is unfortunately still on cloud nine.
  89. <@Mr_Rage> "Ava! We're going," Izumi turns the rest of the way, and strikes out.
  90. <Darkling> "Yeah, let's go find Billy." Elisa follows her.
  91. <Tina_> Tina heads out with them, looking over her shoulder for Ava and shrugging.
  92. <Avaline> Avaline eventually composes herself somewhat, going after the others and keeping her eyes downcast. "Yeah... really sorry, Tina."
  93. <Tina_> "It's alright, just next time be more gentle."
  94. <Darkling> It isn't a long walk along the trail before you reach a dump of a trailer.
  95. <Darkling> Or two trailers? Maybe three? All stiched together.
  96. <Avaline> Avaline turn a deep red. "Yeah... sorry. I guess I was more focused on killing the old man cooties than making you feel better."
  97. <@Mr_Rage> "Hmmm," Izumi clucks her tongue, approaching the trailer's front...ish... door.
  98. <Billy_Blackfeather> [22:40] <Avaline> Avaline turn a deep red. "Yeah... sorry. I guess I was more focused on killing the old man cooties than making you feel better."
  99. <Billy_Blackfeather> [22:41] <@Mr_Rage> "Hmmm," Izumi clucks her tongue, approaching the trailer's front...ish... door.
  100. <Billy_Blackfeather> [22:42] *** Darkling quit (Quit: Always try to be modest, and be proud about it!)
  101. <Billy_Blackfeather> [22:43] * Tina_ giggled a little but didn't say anything more, too focused on Billy's...house.
  102. <Darkling> Oh, there's that werid rock Billy was talking about Ava.
  103. <Avaline> Avaline goes over to the rock, keeping some distance from it. She gives it a long and thoughtful look.
  104. <Darkling> It really doesn't look that special, just very out of place.
  105. <Avaline> "So you're of the earth, huh? I'm Avaline. Pleased to meet you." she says to the rock, not really expecting it to say anything back.
  106. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi doesn't even flinch as Ava communicates, giving a knock-knock on the screen door.
  107. <Billy_Blackfeather> No verbal answer but it sounds like someone is moving around inside. Coming to the door maybe?
  108. Tina_ is stuck between watching the door or watching Ava talk to a rock.
  109. <Avaline> "Keep up the good work." She says to the rock, then goes off to join the others at the door.
  110. <Billy_Blackfeather> The inside door opens, Billy standing behind the screen. "Go away," she manages with none of the usual conviction. It's hard to see through all the dried blood but her one side is deffinately bruised, as if someone tackled her, and there's bits of something like glass in her hair. She's topless too, wearing only a pair of panties.
  111. <Tina_> "Oh my God what happened to you?"
  112. <Avaline> A sigh from Avaline. "Billy.."
  113. <@Mr_Rage> Fearless, the Asian reaches those acrylic nails up to clear Billy's hair, tender rather than rustling.
  114. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Woke up naked. Bloody. Came home and went to bed." She closes her eyes as Izumi picks out the glass.
  115. <Tina_> "Let's get you cleaned up." Tina says, helping Izumi get the glass. "Ava, get a wet washcloth or something."
  116. <Billy_Blackfeather> She's too tired to even fight it it seems, standing there and taking the kind of 'abuse' that would normally have her yelling.
  117. <Avaline> Avaline nods, going in to pilfer a washcloth and a bowl full of water. "Here we are."
  118. <@Mr_Rage> Leading Billy back into the trailer, Izumi gets her sat down to start cleaning properly.
  119. <Tina_> "Is it always this bad?" Tina asks, gazing at the bruises.
  120. <Billy_Blackfeather> "No." She sighs, looking down at her toes. "Don't think I've killed a person before though. I hear about it on my radio."
  121. <Tina_> "That...The woman...in her house...That was you?"
  122. <Billy_Blackfeather> "I think so. I had another dream."
  123. <Tina_> "What was the dream?"
  124. <Billy_Blackfeather> "I was the wolf this time. I guess it...I...I went to the residential area looking for food. I was hungry, so hungry. I saw her husband taking out the trash and snuck in." She's not crying but her voice is thick, throat tight. "I killed her in their bed. He came back while I...I ate her. He tackled me, I jumped out the window...I don't remember much else."
  125. <@Mr_Rage> "Hmm. Not many option left for your problem," Izumi's voice is cold for once, the simple math of the situation.
  126. <Avaline> Avaline regards Billy with a troubled expression, nodding. "Yeah..." she agrees with Izumi.
  127. <Tina_> "There has to be something we can do..."
  128. <Darkling> "Maybe her grampa knows something more we don't?"
  129. <Billy_Blackfeather> "I could always eat a silver bullet." She made a gun with her hand and put it under her chin.
  130. <Tina_> "No." Tina shook her head. "No way. Gramps knows something. It has to be something with the forest. He can tell us how to fix it."
  131. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Probably won't get me to say this again but...thanks. I'm glad I have friends like you guys." Her cheeks darken, toes suddenly more interesting then ever.
  132. <Darkling> "You should, uh, get dressed."
  133. <Avaline> "Yeah, it might not hurt to press for more info."
  134. <@Mr_Rage> A gentle laugh, and Izumi puts a kiss on the wolfgirl's cheek. "Now you see why I persistent."
  135. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Don't get cocky, still annoying," she mutters, up and heading to her bedroom.
  136. <Tina_> "She said we're her friends." Tina says with a stupid grin as Billy changes in the other room.
  137. <Darkling> While Billy heads off you actually can take a look around you. The place is a mess. There's dirty dishes, clothes and garbage everywhere. Furniture that someone probably left on the side of the road for garbage decorates the place and there's the heads of several different game animals, and skulls of other smaller animals, hanging all over the walls.
  138. <Darkling> Elisa tries to picks some stuff off a chair before sighing and just sitting down in the mess.
  139. <Avaline> "We did good today."
  140. <Tina_> "Maybe. But we have more to do."
  141. Billy_Blackfeather emerges dressed in her usual attire with the addition of a jacket. "So, what, we're gonna go bug my grandpa and tell him Im a werewolf?"
  142. <@Mr_Rage> "Hnhn. I have feeling that part be redundant. We tell him we want help you, and forest."
  143. <Tina_> "Yeah, wha she said."
  144. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Lets get it over with then." Hands shoved in her pockets shes the first one out of the trailer.
  145. <Avaline> Avaline nods, moving onward.
  146. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Gotta be a better explanation for all this. Werewolves aren't real." She mutters, trying to convince herself more than anyone else.
  147. <Avaline> Avaline gives Billy a brief look.
  148. Tina_ looks down at the ground, still trying to wrap her mind around everything.
  149. <Darkling> "That's what I keep saying Billy."
  150. <@Mr_Rage> "Fufufu."
  151. <Darkling> It's not long again before they are back at Gramps. As they approach, there's some odd movement out of the corner of their eyes moving around the cabin away from them. It was if a tree was swaing.
  152. Billy_Blackfeather stops, staring intently.
  153. Avaline stops to look as well. "Did anyone else see that?"
  154. Tina_ stops suddenly and looks up. "Wha?"
  155. <Billy_Blackfeather> "I thought it was my imagination last time."
  156. <@Mr_Rage> "Hrmf." A sharp frown.
  157. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Gramps was...talking to it I think. Before that something was in my room too." She frowns as well, marching up to the cabin.
  158. <Darkling> Gramps is still on the porch in his chair.
  159. <Billy_Blackfeather> "We gotta talk, Gramps."
  160. <Darkling> "Poor Nikiq, must be so confused."
  161. <Avaline> "Yeah. We all want to help out here."
  162. <Tina_> "We'll do whatever it takes."
  163. <Billy_Blackfeather> "What haven't you been telling me?" She walked over and knelt down, hands on the arms of the old man's rocker. "I gotta know."
  164. <Darkling> He sighs and old man's sigh. You can see the pain in his face, even if his expression doesn't change one bit.
  165. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Am I some kind of monster? Did I kill that lady? Or am I insane? I see shadows moving like they're alive. wake up naked and bloody in the forest and have nightmares. What is it?"
  166. <Darkling> "It takes vengeance on those that wronged it. The family, and others."
  167. <Avaline> "Think it's possible to right the wrong somehow?"
  168. <Billy_Blackfeather> "What does?"
  169. <Darkling> He motions to the whole forest around them.
  170. <Darkling> "It is possible. You would have to ask it, and it does not like to give audience."
  171. <Avaline> "Well, that's something."
  172. <@Mr_Rage> "Who would it give audience to?"
  173. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Maybe me. Probably my parents that pissed them off. Avaline said...there's something in our trailer."
  174. <Darkling> "It might, one of you could convince it."
  175. <Tina_> "Well...then talk to it. There's got to be some way to fix this."
  176. <Darkling> "What exactly is it though?" Elisa asks.
  177. <Darkling> "It is old. It is the earth. It is all of this forest."
  178. <Avaline> "So how would we talk to it? Got some ritual we'd need to do?"
  179. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Did the tribe have a ritual for talking to them?"
  180. <Darkling> he pulls out his pipe, lighting it, then holds it out to Billy.
  181. Billy_Blackfeather takes the pipe and eyes it. She never was one to believe in Gramps' old stories about magic and stuff but...she was in no place to disbelieve anymore. She took a hit off the pipe, coughing out smoke as she passed it to Izumi.
  182. <@Mr_Rage> With perhaps a little too-practised ease, Izumi draws a hit, and exhales slowly, almost letting the smoke escape of its own accord. Off to Tina.
  183. Tina_ takes it and looks at the others. She shrugs and puffs on it before coughing a little and passing it to Ava.
  184. <Avaline> "Oh, how grand! It's like an indirect kiss for the whole group~" Avaline gives the pipe a puff, then develops a very blank stare. She passes it off to Elisa.
  185. <Darkling> "But.. aren't drugs bad?" Despite the unsurity, Elisa takes a long puff.
  186. <Darkling> Gramps sits back in his chair. Izumi and Avaline might notice he's taking on a darker appearance and the forest is seeming to bend all around him, just before the world goes dark.
  187. <Darkling> ------------------------------
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