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Jun 3rd, 2019
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  1. Thank you, I tried my best to make it dev-friendly (there is another supplementary document that dives into great detail though). I have messed around in Swift/json/firebase and released an app, meaning I can involve myself on a more-than-superficial level and set reasonable goals. As for the custom mobs, I'm actually thinking of using MythicMobs instead of building it from the ground up in the interest of time and morale - seems like the best option for beta at least. I agree that the breadth of the project calls for such an experienced developer. Though he is new to big plugins, which is part of the reason he took up this project, my main developer luckily already follows the necessary practice that is in-situ documentation.
  3. If you know anyone who might be interested please let me know. I do want to bring this idea to fruition. thanks again for the input
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