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Jun 18th, 2015
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  1. Hello everyone,
  3. I just want to tell you that your server was hacked. Your protection was completely awful...
  4. While the entrance, we downloaded the virtual machines and deleted them.
  5. (We had to download for many hours -.- Compressed files but huge ones...)
  6. Do not try to search in your logfiles. We deleted the important parts.
  7. If you want to get the backup of your VMs, you should send us an amount of 5 BTC (Bitcoin)
  8. for each VM to the address "12yy5gP1JDyqcuz5ZhGaq7eWMkKm7USeDh". After the payment, we will contact you via mail.
  9. Then, we will send you a HDD where the VMs are stored. If you want, we can give you access to our FTP where you can
  10. download them. (Because FTP is faster, remember the shipping time of the HDD after payment)
  12. Please notice, that we will sell the VMs to others if we will not receive these Bitcoins from you. Do not worry,
  13. you have 2 weeks for these payment. After 2 weeks without payment, we will break the VM and sell
  14. all data to our customers (other hackers, spammers, scammers, ...)
  15. (FYI: Some of them may use the data of your customers/employees/... to blackmail them for money. No nice guys, but they pay for that data)
  17. Do not worry: If we receive the BTC, we will send you the backup (or give you full access to FTP) and delete all data here.
  18. (If you want FTP, you can do it for your own) We are hackers, but we want to play fair. If you pay, your data will be secure.
  19. There a short overview about where to buy BTC:
  20. -
  21. -
  22. -
  23. -
  24. -
  25. -
  26. -
  28. We wish you a nice week
  29. Kind regards
  31. - Russian guardians
  34. Please think about our offer, your data and your computers...
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