Japan Weather ・ Summer [Typeset]

Oct 21st, 2015
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  1. Nihon Biyori ・ Natsu / Japan Weather ・ Summer
  2. Original Translation from
  4. >Yank
  6. >I worked up a bit of a sweat during practice, so I was hoping to take a quick bath. | I didn't think it'd be so crowded even at this time.
  7. >What a spacious changing room.
  8. >What is it? You're looking all over the place.
  9. >Are there no single shower stalls?
  10. >Singles? This is a bathhouse, there aren't single stalls here.
  12. >Eh...?
  13. >thump thump thump thump
  14. >Charging to the baths~!
  15. >Kabloosh!!
  16. >Really~ I've told her so many times to put her clothes in the baskets, dechi~!
  17. >Fufu, so lively.
  18. >Could it be...
  20. >That you've never taken a bath with another person?
  21. >...Really? Aren't there spas in Germany?
  22. >T-there are...
  23. >What is it, Dess?
  24. > are...?
  25. >Well it's Kongou of course, Dess!
  26. >So you're saying this is your first time in a bath?
  27. >[WHat's going on?]x2
  28. >There's no need to think about this kind of thing at all.
  29. >Everyone's naked here, don't worry about others Dess!
  30. >Just wrap a towel around ya and it won't be embarassing!
  32. >That's right that's right, there's nothing to be embarassed about!
  33. >[Buck Naked]
  34. >Hiei, you should be a little more embarassed Dess.
  35. >I-I didn't say i'm embarassed!
  36. >Well then, let's go together!
  37. >[stare]
  38. >Didn't you just say you wouldn't be embarassed around others?
  39. >Now now....
  40. >Mmm
  41. >...Hurry it up, dess.
  43. >At this rate, there'll be more and more people waiting to take their bath.
  44. >That's true, onee-sama.... | Well then...Focus! Your Spirit...
  45. >Hold on...
  46. >Hold on a minute....
  47. >W...
  48. >Launch!
  49. >Aaaaaooohh
  51. >Steamyx2
  52. >Want to drink some chocolate milk together?
  54. >Bismarck onee-sama! | The Admiral gave me something!
  55. >Eh? Not here...
  56. >[empty...]
  57. >Bismarck was just called out by the Admiral.
  58. >Ah, what a pity, I just missed onee-sama.
  59. > that...?
  60. >This? These are called fireworks. They can light up the summer night sky.
  61. >Is that so...
  63. >They're so small, though, cant they really shoot fireworks?
  64. >It is a little hard to imagine.
  65. >This...
  66. >Does U-chan like that one?
  67. >Snake fireworks....?
  68. >Pretty plain looking—
  69. >What an unbelievable name...
  70. >Can something so humble-looking really let out fireworks?
  71. > seems kind of strong...
  72. >True...!!
  74. >Well then, let's get Lebe to call everyone together to shoot some fireworks!
  75. >Of course we'll also call Bismarck Onee-sama!
  76. >Nod
  77. >Let these fireworks brighten the night sky!
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