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  1. <row Id="1" PostTypeId="1" AcceptedAnswerId="57" CreationDate="2010-07-14T19:10:32.290" Score="48" ViewCount="41071" Body="&lt;p&gt;I'd like to read up on path finding algorithms. Is there a primer available or any material or tutorials on the Internet that would be a good start for me?&lt;/p&gt;&#xA;" OwnerUserId="7" LastEditorUserId="1430" LastEditDate="2016-05-09T15:45:25.220" LastActivityDate="2016-05-09T15:45:25.220" Title="What path finding algorithms are there?" Tags="&lt;algorithm&gt;&lt;path-finding&gt;" AnswerCount="11" CommentCount="1" FavoriteCount="22" ClosedDate="2014-04-07T22:04:18.737" CommunityOwnedDate="2011-10-03T20:32:34.783" />
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