Saber Richard The Lionheart

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  1. Class: Saber
  2. Master(?): Ayaka Sajou
  3. Name: Richard I [The Lionheart]
  4. Gender: Male
  5. Height/Weight: 178cm/66kg
  6. Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  7. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Strength: B
  10. Endurance: B
  11. Agility EX(B to A++)
  12. Mana: B
  13. Luck: C
  14. Noble Phantasm: A
  15. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. Class Skills:
  17. Magic Resistance: B
  18. Riding: A
  19. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  21. Personal Skills:
  22. Lion Heart: A
  23. A Skill the embodies the name Lionheart. The bravery not to fear anything, turned into a Skill. It invokes fear and wariness into enemies and raises the morale of allies.
  25. Talented in Every Field: A
  26. From his stories of displaying talent in multiple fields, like martial arts, fine arts, and sexual affairs. He can do anything he practiced when he was alive at B Rank or higher, and learns faster than normal for matter he only just got started.
  28. Godspeed: A
  29. The technical skills engraved in his Saint Graph from the extent of his marches and from his almost lightning speed on the battlefield. The longer the battle continues, the more his Agility stat increases.
  30. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  31. Noble Phantasms:
  33. Excalibur (Ever Distant Sword of Victory)
  34. Rank: D to A+
  35. Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  36. Range: 1 to 99
  37. Max. Targets: 1 to 1000
  38. A Mistery he obtained during his life, as result of his idolization of King Arthur and his life-long wishes to be his successor. Its power forcefully names any weapon he picks up “Excalibur” and turns it into a Noble Phantasm. He can treat all forms of picked weapons as Excalibur. It’s power level changes according the weapon used, but it will never reach the level of the real Holy Sword of the Planet. Not even if he is holding the real Excalibur in his hands.
  40. Rounds of Leonhart (Play the Lion’s Melody on the Round Cross)
  41. Rank: A
  42. Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  43. Range: -
  44. Max. Targets: -
  45. A Noble Phantasm that manifests people he was connected with during his life as attendants (or in many other forms, like instructors or retinues) by using his own Saint Graph as a catalyst. The number that can be called varies according to the Master’s mana reserves and aptitude of the land where he was summoned. It can summon Heroic Spirits recorded in the Throne, but they will manifest very weakened compared to their regularly summoned forms. They can be of help to Richard, but they actually consume a huge amount of mana to stay manifested, so in most cases it’s impossible to manage them as normal Heroic Spirits.
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