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  1. <joepie91> HAHAHAHAHAHAA oh wait, they're so dumb it isn't even funny. >.>
  3. Greetings Parallax9 and testeux1
  5. As we noticed, you have been monitoring our communications quite some time.
  6. We decided to take this to our advantage.
  7. When I told in a public channel that my skype name is d0xed, we used the skype name of  scam artist Arthuras T Rosenbacher, knowing you would walk right into our trap.
  9. Previous allogations that you know who I am and that you are "feds" have both been discredited.
  11. We are Anonymous.
  12. We are legion.
  13. We do not forgive.
  14. We do not forget.
  15. Expect us
  17. regards,
  18. Discordian
  19. anon2world
  21. https://twitter.com/#!/Parallax9/status/171706211836760064
  22. https://twitter.com/#!/testeux1/status/171709716924342276
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