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Feature Free PRO
Annoying ADS YES NO
Max Paste Size 500 kilobytes 10 megabytes
Direct File Uploads NO YES
Multiple Logins Only 1 Up to 100
# Unlisted Pastes 25 Unlimited
# Private Pastes 10 Unlimited
Extra Security http http & https
Annoying Captcha's YES NO
# New Pastes Per 24h 25 250
# Alert Keywords 3 15
# Email Alerts 10 Unlimited
Awesome PRO Badge NO YES
Prioritized Support NO YES
1. No ADS
PRO members will never see ads on Pastebin. Surfing the site will be a more pleasant experience.
2. Larger Pastes
Free members can create pastes up to 500 kilobytes in size, PRO members can create pastes up to 10 megabytes. That is 20 times more storage space per paste.
3. Direct File Uploads
PRO members have the option to directly upload a file instead of having to paste the raw text into the textarea. This is especially handy when working with larger files.
4. Multiple Simultaneous Logins Per Account For Teams
With multiple simultaneous logins per account, you can share 1 pastebin PRO account with various members of your team. Sharing private pastes with the people you work with has never been easier as you and others can work on the same account at the same time from different computers.
5. Unlimited Unlisted & Private Pastes
PRO members can store as many unlisted and private pastes in their account as they want!
6. Extra Security
PRO users are allowed to use our secure https:// connection while browsing pastebin.
7. No Annoying Captcha Requests
PRO users will not be asked to enter a captcha code when they paste something with a link in it. Also, PRO members do not get captcha requests when they post more than 10 pastes in 5 minutes. Note: Certain banned keywords will still spawn captcha requests for PRO users.
8. Awesome PRO Badge
PRO members get an awesome PRO badge next to anything that has their name on it. It shows others that you support Pastebin!
9. Create More Pastes
As a PRO member we allow you to create up to 250 pastes per 24 hours. Normally you can only create 25 per 24 hours.
10. More Alert Keywords
As a PRO member we allow you to add up to 15 keywords in the 'My Alerts' service. Free members can only submit 3 keywords to be monitored.
11. Receive more Alerts
As a PRO member we allow you to receive unlimited email alerts without having to re-request keywords to the 'My Alerts' service. Free members have to re-enter keywords after 10 email alerts to prevent misuse of this service.
12. Supporting Current And Future Development
By getting a PRO membership you support us keeping Pastebin online. Hosting tens of millions of pastes is no cheap & easy task. Your membership fee will go towards development, server & bandwidth bills.
13. Prioritized Support
If you report abuse as a PRO member, we take your more seriously, and your requests get boosted to the front of the queue resulting in faster removal times.
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