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Free ddoser/booter

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  1. Hello we have created cheap booter/ddoser.
  2. It will take down 99% of home connections, most of the sites, and some servers!
  4. It has many features, such as 200 seconds attack, IP logger, pinger, music playlist, chat, auto boot, SMS bomber and Email bomber.
  6. It is autobuy so when you register, you can pay for it and you will receive access instantly!
  8. Register and purchase it for almost free here :
  9. http://www.ohshitgethit.co.cc/booter/register.php
  10. It is worth! Check the video below!
  14. Youtube video demonstration:
  15. www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GZIqqha86w
  17. Default page:
  18. http://www.ohshitgethit.co.cc/booter/register.php
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