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vimdebug source

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  1. GNU gdb (GDB) 7.5-ubuntu
  2. Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
  3. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>
  4. This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
  5. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.  Type "show copying"
  6. and "show warranty" for details.
  7. This GDB was configured as "x86_64-linux-gnu".
  8. For bug reporting instructions, please see:
  9. <>...
  10. Reading symbols from /home/alex/Desktop/vim/src/vim...done.
  11. (gdb) r
  12. Starting program: /home/alex/Desktop/vim/src/vim
  14. Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
  15. 0x0000000000413467 in vim_iswordc_buf (c=c@entry=97, buf=0x0) at charset.c:925
  16. 925         return (c > 0 && c < 0x100 && GET_CHARTAB(buf, c) != 0);
  17. (gdb) bt
  18. #0  0x0000000000413467 in vim_iswordc_buf (c=c@entry=97, buf=0x0) at charset.c:925
  19. #1  0x00000000004e3858 in regmatch (scan=0x7c303d "\017") at regexp.c:4314
  20. #2  regtry (prog=prog@entry=0x7c3020, col=col@entry=8) at regexp.c:3941
  21. #3  0x00000000004e4e20 in vim_regexec_both (line=<optimized out>, line@entry=0x7c46b0 "/usr/local/share/vim/vimfiles/after", col=8, col@entry=0, tm=tm@entry=0x0) at regexp.c:3830
  22. #4  0x00000000004e503b in vim_regexec_nl (rmp=rmp@entry=0x7fffffffbc90, line=line@entry=0x7c46b0 "/usr/local/share/vim/vimfiles/after", col=col@entry=0) at regexp.c:3604
  23. #5  0x000000000043840f in eval4 (arg=arg@entry=0x7fffffffbec8, rettv=rettv@entry=0x7fffffffbf10, evaluate=evaluate@entry=1) at eval.c:4576
  24. #6  0x000000000043869c in eval4 (evaluate=1, rettv=0x7fffffffbf10, arg=0x7fffffffbec8) at eval.c:4321
  25. #7  eval3 (arg=arg@entry=0x7fffffffbec8, rettv=rettv@entry=0x7fffffffbf10, evaluate=evaluate@entry=1) at eval.c:4233
  26. #8  0x0000000000438815 in eval2 (evaluate=1, rettv=0x7fffffffbf10, arg=0x7fffffffbec8) at eval.c:4162
  27. #9  eval1 (arg=0x7fffffffbec8, rettv=0x7fffffffbf10, evaluate=1) at eval.c:4087
  28. #10 0x0000000000438ccc in eval0 (arg=0x7c46e7 "dir =~# '\\<after$'", rettv=rettv@entry=0x7fffffffbf10, nextcmd=0x7fffffffc0e8, evaluate=evaluate@entry=1) at eval.c:4044
  29. #11 0x00000000004395c7 in eval_to_bool (arg=<optimized out>, error=error@entry=0x7fffffffbf4c, nextcmd=<optimized out>, skip=skip@entry=0) at eval.c:1276
  30. #12 0x000000000045fc39 in ex_if (eap=<optimized out>) at ex_eval.c:886
  31. #13 0x000000000045a248 in do_one_cmd (cookie=0x7fffffffc080, fgetline=0x454610 <get_loop_line>, cstack=0x7fffffffc190, sourcing=1, cmdlinep=0x7fffffffc038) at ex_docmd.c:2681
  32. #14 do_cmdline (cmdline=cmdline@entry=0x0, fgetline=fgetline@entry=0x426eb0 <get_func_line>, cookie=cookie@entry=0x852510, flags=flags@entry=7) at ex_docmd.c:1122
  33. #15 0x0000000000434830 in call_user_func (selfdict=0x6, lastline=1, firstline=1, rettv=0x7fffffffca20, argvars=0x7fff00000000, argcount=6, fp=0x84e1b0) at eval.c:22588
  34. #16 call_func (funcname=funcname@entry=0x84eb20 "pathogen#incubate", len=len@entry=17, rettv=rettv@entry=0x7fffffffca20, argcount=6, argcount@entry=1, argvars=0x7fff00000000, argvars@entry=0x7fffffffc840,
  35.     firstline=firstline@entry=1, lastline=lastline@entry=1, doesrange=doesrange@entry=0x7fffffffca14, evaluate=evaluate@entry=1, selfdict=selfdict@entry=0x0) at eval.c:8484
  36. #17 0x0000000000438bd8 in get_func_tv (name=name@entry=0x84eb20 "pathogen#incubate", len=17, rettv=rettv@entry=0x7fffffffca20, arg=arg@entry=0x7fffffffca18, firstline=1, lastline=1,
  37.     doesrange=doesrange@entry=0x7fffffffca14, evaluate=1, selfdict=0x0) at eval.c:8326
  38. #18 0x000000000043c538 in ex_call (eap=0x7fffffffcc10) at eval.c:3467
  39. #19 0x000000000045a248 in do_one_cmd (cookie=0x7fffffffcbb0, fgetline=0x454610 <get_loop_line>, cstack=0x7fffffffccc0, sourcing=1, cmdlinep=0x7fffffffcb68) at ex_docmd.c:2681
  40. #20 do_cmdline (cmdline=cmdline@entry=0x0, fgetline=fgetline@entry=0x426eb0 <get_func_line>, cookie=cookie@entry=0x7c37b0, flags=flags@entry=7) at ex_docmd.c:1122
  41. #21 0x0000000000434830 in call_user_func (selfdict=0x43, lastline=1, firstline=1, rettv=0x7fffffffd550, argvars=0x7fff00000000, argcount=1, fp=0x84c950) at eval.c:22588
  42. #22 call_func (funcname=funcname@entry=0x84bf20 "pathogen#infect", len=len@entry=15, rettv=rettv@entry=0x7fffffffd550, argcount=1, argcount@entry=0, argvars=0x7fff00000000, argvars@entry=0x7fffffffd370,
  43.     firstline=firstline@entry=1, lastline=lastline@entry=1, doesrange=doesrange@entry=0x7fffffffd544, evaluate=evaluate@entry=1, selfdict=selfdict@entry=0x0) at eval.c:8484
  44. #23 0x0000000000438bd8 in get_func_tv (name=name@entry=0x84bf20 "pathogen#infect", len=15, rettv=rettv@entry=0x7fffffffd550, arg=arg@entry=0x7fffffffd548, firstline=1, lastline=1,
  45.     doesrange=doesrange@entry=0x7fffffffd544, evaluate=1, selfdict=0x0) at eval.c:8326
  46. #24 0x000000000043c538 in ex_call (eap=0x7fffffffd740) at eval.c:3467
  47. #25 0x000000000045a248 in do_one_cmd (cookie=0x7fffffffdd30, fgetline=0x44d810 <getsourceline>, cstack=0x7fffffffd7f0, sourcing=1, cmdlinep=0x7fffffffd698) at ex_docmd.c:2681
  48. #26 do_cmdline (cmdline=cmdline@entry=0x0, fgetline=fgetline@entry=0x44d810 <getsourceline>, cookie=cookie@entry=0x7fffffffdd30, flags=flags@entry=7) at ex_docmd.c:1122
  49. #27 0x000000000044ffc6 in do_source (fname=fname@entry=0x55f3fa "$HOME/.vimrc", check_other=0, check_other@entry=1, is_vimrc=is_vimrc@entry=1) at ex_cmds2.c:3264
  50. #28 0x0000000000409045 in source_startup_scripts (parmp=<optimized out>) at main.c:2952
  51. #29 main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at main.c:598
  52. (gdb)
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