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  1. While Minecraft Forge is not required if it isn't installed you won't be able to see mobs in mobspawner items.
  3. The process for installing NEI has changed. (For the easier AGAIN!).
  5. Install FML OR MinecraftForge into the jar.
  6. Place the CodeChickenCore jar file into the coremods folder.
  7. Place the NEI jar file into the coremods folder.
  8. Place any modules' zip files in the mods folder.
  10. NotEnoughItems. Provides: All NEI functionality.
  11. Download
  12. Source
  13. Bukkit Port by cpw.
  14. Bukkit
  16. RedPower Config Module. Provides: RedPower Subset Tags, Alloy Furnace recipies and Showing of all MicroBlocks. Requires: NotEnoughItems+RedPower.
  17. RP_Plugin
  19. Mistaqur has plugins for Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Forestry, Railcraft and an IC2 fix at https://bitbucket.or...ugins/wiki/Home
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