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  1. Greetings /b/
  3. With the recent news of LulzSec "retiring" I'm sure the internets will return to it's serious business nature, however before the LulzSec chapter comes to a complete close we at COCA FETT felt there was one issue left unresolved.
  5. If you remember LulzSec launched an attack here at 4chan, and to be perfectly honest we thought that was kind of dumbass sort of move, among their many missteps.
  7. This operation was called: Operation:/b/ackraid by Lulzsec.
  9. Now the individual in Lulzsec who proposed it….well we just so happen to have his information (among the others as well).
  11. So we thought it only fitting to see what /b/ itself wants to be done with the information: Release it or keep it sealed.
  13. The choice is up to you.  We don't normally release personal information of anyone we track as we consider that poor form, however this particular situation is one that we feel would merit a public release.
  15. The choice is yours /b/ have him fed to the lion trolls of the internets or let it go.  
  17. You can follow us on twitter and at twitter.com/cocafett and let us know what your decision is.  We will judge it by the number of #lionswantnoms or #lionswantzzz we get.
  19. If the decision is that the lions want noms then we will tweet it in a pastebin for you all to feast upon.
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