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We are sorry, but your vehicle has been discontinued.

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  1. <title>We are sorry, but your vehicle has been discontinued. Please purchase another one.</title>
  4. We all know how Google is trying to develop self-driving cars. So far, they have built a very impressive fleet of vehicles that operate beautifully. I am at awe when I see the amazing work their engineers have done. But I'm worried. You should be, too.
  6. Google has a history of making good products that serve many, and suddenly suspending them. The latest case is Google Reader. A decision that has directly impacted a huge ecosystem of bloggers that depended on the service to generate income.
  8. Now, let's go back to those cars. Given Google's history of simply turning off services, do you think they won't make you upgrade your car to a newer one "just because"? They might not tell you that, but they probably will. What about Google Fiber? Will they simply stop providing people with Internet access?
  10. This is the problem with Google. It is a company that simply does not care about keeping the promises it makes to it's users. The Google of yesteryear is long gone, and is now replaced by a company that simply does not care about the users. Ever tried getting support from them?
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