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  1. Enter S E
  2. In Charles, look for the line “���
  3. Expand it and look for “srvempires/“
  4. Right click and select Breakpoints.
  5. Refresh the game.
  6. A breakpoint tab should appear. Press EXECUTE 1 once.
  7. Press the “Edit Response” tab
  8. Press RAW
  9. Now, search for the buildngs names u want to change.
  11. Example:"name":"Angkor","type":"b","cost":"1","cost_type":"c","xp":"6","display_order":"13","activation":"1","expiration":"0","collect":"2000","collect_type":"w","collect_xp":"67"
  13. Cost is the cost
  14. activation (secs)
  15. Collect dont change it, wont do anything
  16. and so on...etc
  18. Now, remove the breakpoint (Press the Red Hexagon icon or right click the srvempires/ and select Breakpoints again)
  19. Then press EXECUTE. The game will now load and you will have changed what you needed like instaint reload
  20. Have fun.
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