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Guide to Gravelording 0.6

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  1. Guide to Gravelording:
  3.   Step 1: Join papa nito
  4.   Step 2: Get human in a place with boss not dead
  5.   Step 3: Pop an eye of death
  6.   Step 4: Only get invaded by darkwraiths
  8.   As a gravelord, you use eyes of death to attempt to infect other people's worlds, this spawns
  9.     black phantom versions of normal enemies, which are much stronger than the normal versions. You then
  10.     have a sign through which those people can invade in an attempt to kill you, and uninfect
  11.     their worlds.
  13.   However, the black Phantoms do not spawn for people in NG, only the gravelord sign will show up.
  14.     For this reason, you're going to want to stick to NG+ levels.
  16.   SL 80-100 for earlier areas
  17.   SL 100-120 for end-game areas.
  19.   You're probably going to want to stay away from pvp hotspots, as even if you infect someone in NG+, if
  20.     they are just there for pvp, they probably won't run into the BPs.
  22.   Good places for gravelording:
  23.     Anor londo - BP silver knights everywhere
  24.     ToTG - Skeledogs
  25.     Sen's - Loadsa Snakes
  26.     Darkroot Garden- TWoPing BP Stone Giants
  27.     Painted World - Black Phantom Wheel Skeleton pit
  29. Misc Notes:
  31.   - You do not need to be in NG+ to spawn black phantoms, only the people you are trying to infect do.
  32.   - You can infect players that are hollow.
  33.   - You can infect players that have killed their boss.
  34.   - The only thing that differentiates a darkmoon and someone invading through your sign, is whether
  35.       they drop an eye of death when you kill them.
  36.   - Although they do invade you using a sign, the spirits of vengeance will spawn in the normal invasion
  37.       locations.
  38.   - Eyes of Death can be farmed off of basilisks in the Depths, this is far preferable to trying to farm
  39.       them off SoVs.
  40.   - Multiple infected players can invade you through your sign at one time, and not everyone invades a
  41.       gravelord for a friendly duel.
  42.   - When your eye of death is active, a "dried finger" effect is active as well. The same player can
  43.       invade you repeatedly without the normal timeout.
  44.   - Your gravelord sign will follow you around, so if you want Spirits of Vengeance to invade you,
  45.       staying near a bonfire/obvious spot is recommended.
  48. How to infect specific people:
  50.   How many souls each enemy drops (as a phantom you get half these amounts):
  51.      http://darksouls.wikidot.com/enemies
  53.   1. Be hollow (just so you dont get invaded before you get summoned)
  54.   2. Put summon sign down
  55.   3. Get summoned
  56.   4. Kill an enemy, look at the souls you get to see if they are in NG+.
  57.   5. Black Crystal out
  58.   6. If they weren't in NG+, go to step 2
  59.   7. Go human
  60.   8. Pop an eye of Death
  62.   You just infected that persons world!
  65. AFK Gravelording:
  67.   Lets say you just want to spread misery without worrying about invaders.
  69.   Enter in, AFK gravelording.
  71.     -Waste dickwraiths' time
  72.     -Gravelord people who have no chance of un-infecting their world
  73.     -You are free to do whatever else you want
  75.   1. Get to an area where others can't find you
  76.   2. Pop an eye
  77.   3. Go to sleep, watch tv, browse dsg, etc
  78.   4. Come back to all the angry messages from darkwraiths asking where you are.
  80.   Some examples of hiding places:
  81.     http://youtu.be/yDznknPGo_E
  82.     http://youtu.be/t7M4pPfC2LY
  83.     http://youtu.be/pdNRBPyQyQk
  84.     http://youtu.be/EaDH_kZE_gg
  85.     http://youtu.be/kXm0WJt4Pv8
  87. Cheat engine method:
  89.   You can use cheat engine to get to a bonfire in a way that makes the area inaccessible to invaders,
  90.     then pop an eye.
  92.   Here's one that I know of so far:
  94.   Depths Bonfire:
  95.     This one is easy, the door to the bonfire is locked, invaders cant open locked doors,
  96.       you do the math.
  98. Perma Gravelording:
  100.   While gravelording, you can still use summon signs/cracked orbs. If you invade/get summoned to another world
  101.     while you are currently infecting someone (though this may be a bit hard with interrupting invaders), when
  102.     you return to your world you will no longer have the gravelord aura, but the person's world will remain
  103.     infected, even if you die.
  105.   tl;dr
  106.   1. Infect someone, preferably with the summon trick.
  107.   2. Use a cracked orb/get summoned
  108.   3. The Black Phantoms in their world will not disappear, not even if you die.
  110.   This means you can potentially infect someone, then invade that world.
  111.   You can also infect someone, then get summoned by them if you fancy taking on your own BPs.
  113.   The fix for perma-gravelording is easy, simply stay in the gravelorded area ten minutes without dying or
  114.     using a bonfire. Alternatively, get gravelorded by someone else and kill them.
  116. Other Guides:
  118.   http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=33805886&postcount=2
  119.   http://darksouls.wikidot.com/gravelord-black-phantoms
  120.   http://youtu.be/E-TzeyuF1_c
  121.   http://youtu.be/RhHhU7Jx67c
  124. Funny Gravelord Videos:
  126.   http://youtu.be/y_Mgq6kfWtI
  127.   http://youtu.be/fSZ15lPH12I
  128.   http://youtu.be/o8LoEXpKWHk
  129.   http://youtu.be/hN9qV8S18NA
  130.   http://youtu.be/UdPC0QrtZVY
  131.   http://youtu.be/8bm4U-wAW2o
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