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  1. [{"load": 0.040000000000000001, "has_jna": true, "devices": {"saved_caches": "dm_3", "commitlog": "dm_3", "other": ["fd0", "dm_5", "dm_4", "dm_2", "dm_1", "dm_0", "sda3", "sda2", "sda1", "sda"], "data": ["dm_3"]}, "task_progress": {}, "node_ip": "", "network_interfaces": ["lo", "eth0", "sit0"], "node_version": {"search": null, "dse": "2.1", "tasktracker": "1.0.2-dse-SNAPSHOT, r664a9fb3935937d5639013d65be8db97b517a4f3", "jobtracker": null, "cassandra": "1.0.10"}, "dc": "Analytics", "node_name": "Machine3", "num_procs": 2, "streaming": {}, "token": "113427455640312821154458202477256070485", "data_held": 318940513.0, "mode": "normal", "rpc_ip": "", "partitions": {"saved_caches": "/dev/mapper/vg_root_optvol", "commitlog": "/dev/mapper/vg_root_optvol", "other": ["/dev/sda1", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_varvol", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_tmpvol", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_homevol", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_rootvol"], "data": ["/dev/mapper/vg_root_optvol"]}, "os": "linux", "rack": "rack1", "last_seen": 1349965372}, {"load": 0.01, "has_jna": true, "devices": {"saved_caches": "dm_3", "commitlog": "dm_3", "other": ["fd0", "dm_5", "dm_4", "dm_2", "dm_1", "dm_0", "sda3", "sda2", "sda1", "sda"], "data": ["dm_3"]}, "task_progress": {}, "node_ip": "", "network_interfaces": ["lo", "eth0", "sit0"], "node_version": {"search": null, "dse": "2.1", "tasktracker": "1.0.2-dse-SNAPSHOT, r664a9fb3935937d5639013d65be8db97b517a4f3", "jobtracker": "1.0.2-dse-SNAPSHOT, r664a9fb3935937d5639013d65be8db97b517a4f3", "cassandra": "1.0.10"}, "dc": "Analytics", "node_name": "Machine2", "num_procs": 2, "streaming": {}, "token": "56713727820156410577229101238628035242", "data_held": 317566404.0, "mode": "normal", "rpc_ip": "", "partitions": {"saved_caches": "/dev/mapper/vg_root_optvol", "commitlog": "/dev/mapper/vg_root_optvol", "other": ["/dev/sda1", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_varvol", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_tmpvol", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_homevol", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_rootvol"], "data": ["/dev/mapper/vg_root_optvol"]}, "os": "linux", "rack": "rack1", "last_seen": 0}, {"load": 0.0, "has_jna": true, "devices": {"saved_caches": "dm_3", "commitlog": "dm_3", "other": ["fd0", "dm_5", "dm_4", "dm_2", "dm_1", "dm_0", "sda3", "sda2", "sda1", "sda"], "data": ["dm_3"]}, "task_progress": {}, "node_ip": "", "network_interfaces": ["lo", "eth0", "sit0"], "node_version": {"search": null, "dse": "2.1", "tasktracker": null, "jobtracker": null, "cassandra": "1.0.10"}, "dc": "Cassandra", "node_name": "Machine1", "num_procs": 2, "streaming": {}, "token": "0", "data_held": 336070970.0, "mode": "normal", "rpc_ip": "", "partitions": {"saved_caches": "/dev/mapper/vg_root_optvol", "commitlog": "/dev/mapper/vg_root_optvol", "other": ["/dev/sda1", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_varvol", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_tmpvol", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_homevol", "/dev/mapper/vg_root_rootvol"], "data": ["/dev/mapper/vg_root_optvol"]}, "os": "linux", "rack": "rack1", "last_seen": 1349965655}]
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