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My Conversation with Dali

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  1. My Conversation with my friend from Middle School currently residing in China, I havent talked to him in over a year, makes me appreciate the good things that we have here.
  2. ------------------------------------------
  3. Dali, how are you? Hows china?
  5. Hey Will! China is great! except kinda hard to get on facebook and youtube
  7. Yeah, are they still being blocked by the government?
  9. Yep. I wish they would open it soon
  11. Why do they have it blocked?
  13. Gov is afraid of rebellion, i think
  14. cause the rebellion in Egypt was organized on facebook
  15. And maybe for some other reasons. well its communist, so it just blocks it
  17. Is the government oppressive?
  19. Ah, not that much, but yes, a little
  21. Hmm. So, is all of your family in China? Why not move to the US?
  23. Yep, all my family is in china. It's hard to move in US, because we got language problem, and we need to get those immigrate stuffs
  25. Ah, i see well your english is coming along pretty good. Do you practice a lot?
  27. Haha thanks~ I'm going to a foreign language highschool here
  29. Very cool. Well i gotta go to sleep its very late here, i hope things go well for you! see you later
  31. Thank you,  Goodnight!
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