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Cleanfiles downloader

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  1. Version Updated To 2.0 (Fixed Some Bugs)
  3. Steps To Use-
  5. 1. Enter link in your downloader and Click on Bypass.
  6. 2. Wait for 2 minutes until a Download Pop-up appears.
  7. 3. Download File and Enjoy.
  9. FAQ-
  11. Q. Why do I receive "invalid url" when I enter my link?
  12. Ans. Add "http://" (without quotes) before your link and You will be Fine.
  14. Q. Why do it take 5 minutes for me while you say it will get unlock in 2 minutes?
  15. Ans. The Download depends upon the Country and the Surveys. Some takes more than 2 minutes and some  takes even less than 1 minute (Email Surveys).
  17. Q. I like the program. How can I donate?
  18. Ans. It's an open source program. If you liked it, you can help us by clicking on 2-3 ads that you see on our downloader.
  20. Download->
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