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  1. It all began with a gank. A mere senseless gesture with malicious intent. That was the day the tyrant VileTaco heinously and mercilessly slayed Zombietank; that was the day RadioZ's fate was sealed.
  3. Zombietank bided his time, waited, and got stronger. He recruited friends and founded the GroveStreet warband. GroveStreet vowed revenge, and in making small attacks, made progress towards that goal. However, this progress was slow. It seemed like the tyrannical RaidoZ would never fall... until we recruited... him...
  5. The day had come for us to set sail and vindicate ourselves or die trying. Thunder in the skies and the wind at our backs, we bravely boarded our ships and set sail for hostile lands, sure we would die, but hopeful we would triumph.
  7. http://imgur.com/a/CNWpk
  9. The Warband arrived, and with unrelenting fury, began to deconstruct the proud tower that symbolized tyranny and merciless slaughter.
  11. From our fury and desire for vindication, a being coalesced. A being of pure revenge, of pure hatred - The Wither.
  13. http://imgur.com/a/re4YH
  15. Our hearts emboldened and our determinations steeled by the avatar of our fury, we destroyed the very incarnation of hubris - RadioZ.
  17. http://imgur.com/a/5YPKd
  19. Our work was done, and our dignity was restored. The sun, freed from being blotted out by the unholy tower, rose upon the ruins and shown brightly. However jubilant the occasion was, it was still stricken with the sorrow of Zombietank and those of GroveStreet - the sorrow that accompanies violent, but necessary revenge. The rain fell in empathy.
  21. http://imgur.com/a/xxxYQ
  23. We, and our avatar, descended from the tower as the tears of the heavens fell.
  25. http://imgur.com/a/zHVvn
  27. GroveStreet departed the now consecrated land. Purified in the destruction of the dark tower, the symbol of RadioZ's merciless tyranny, the land now begins to heal. Zombietank and GroveStreet, vindicated and redeemed, left the land and sailed to welcoming shores.
  29. Bang.
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