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unicode vim weirdness

By: a guest on Jul 3rd, 2011  |  syntax: Perl  |  size: 0.69 KB  |  views: 217  |  expires: Never
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  1. # I think I've discovered a cursor positioning/rendering bug in vim 7.2 with devanagari script (used for Hindi language).
  3. # Here's the offending line (also at
  5. my @test = ( 'wiki', 'â日本語é', 'çमानक हिन्दीà' );
  7. # 1. The problem is with the devanagari characters. There's only six of them: but 9-ish (3 extraneous circle things) are displayed
  8. # 2. Go to end of line
  9. # 3. Observe that cursor doesn't go completely to end of line. Cursor goes to closing quote ' only
  10. # 4. Move cursor left character-at-a-time (arrow or h)
  11. # 5. Before you've reached the Kanji characters, one of the devanagari characters is replaced with an extraneous ')'
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