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  1. uck u asshole suck ur mother mader chod teri ma ki chut band ke lode fuck ue family and fuck u if u dare reply here i have alerady report to polce about u asshole fuck ur mother add hole
  2. Badir   Idiot
  3. Badirchand      Idiot
  4. Bakland         Idiot
  5. Bhandava        Pimp
  6. Bhoot-nee ka    Son of a Witch
  7. Chinaal         Whore
  8. Chup Kar        Shut Up
  9. Chutia / Chutiya / choo-tia / Chutan    Fucker / Bastard
  10. Ghasti / gashti / gasti / ghassad       Hooker
  11. Haraami         Bastard
  12. Haraam Zaada    Bastard
  13. Hijda / Hijra   Transsexual / Gay
  14. Bahen Chod      Sister-fucker
  15. Bahen ke laude  Sister's dick
  16. Bahen ke takke  Sister's balls
  17. Beti Chod       Daughter fucker
  18. Bhai Chod       Brother-fucker
  19. Bhains ki aulad         Son of a buffalo
  20. Jhalla, Faggot  gay, fairy
  21. Jhant ke baal   Pubic hair
  22. Jhaant ke pissu         Bug of pubic hair
  23. Kutte ka aulad  Son of a dog
  24. Kutte ke tatte  Dog's balls
  25. Maadher chod    Mother-fucker
  26. Padma   Fat Bitch
  27. Raand ka jamai  Son-in-law of a whore
  28. Randhwa (or randwa)     Male prostitute
  29. Rundi   Hooker
  30. Rundi ka bacha  Son of a whore
  31. Rundi Ki bachi  Daughter of a whore
  32. Soower ke bachche       Son of pig
  33. Ullu ke pathe   Idiot (lit. son of an owl)
  35. Jaan var        Animal
  36. Kutta   Dog
  37. Kuttiya         Bitch
  38. Khota   Donkey
  39. Khotey ki aulad         Son of donkey
  40. Kutte ki jat    Breed of dog
  41. Najayaz         Illegitimate
  42. Najayaz paidaish        Illegitimately born
  43. Saala kutta     Bloody dog
  44. Saali kutti     Bloody bitch
  45. Soover  Pig (Very offensive to Muslims)
  46. Tatti   Shit
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