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2row Custom Time Format inspired by OMG! Ubuntu! (http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/11/gnome-panel-clock-themes.html)

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  1. <sup><span rise="1000" font_desc="Droid Sans 6.5" color="#878787" weight="normal">%d.%m [%V.%u]</span></sup>%n<sub><span rise="6000" font_desc="Droid Sans 7.5" color="#878787" weight="bold">%a %H:%M</span></sub>
  2. <sup><span rise="1000" font_desc="Droid Sans 8.5" color="#F0EBE2" weight="normal">%d.%m [%V.%u]</span></sup>%n<sub><span rise="6000" font_desc="Droid Sans 10" color="#F0EBE2" weight="bold">%a %H:%M</span></sub>
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