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Illegal Sites to attack

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  1. Here are some sites which host illegal material which mentally and physically effects the people in the pictures/videos on here. These sites are viewed by very disturbing people who get off on viewing under age females. This is just a small list of sites which host this material. Take them down however you feel necessary, just be organized and make sure you use a VPN or alternate connect (If you are Ddosing then use an alternate connection) So you dont get in any legal troubles yourself, make sure that IF you Ddos (Which i highly suggest you do not) Then make sure you have 1000+ Machines or People who are willing to help. The goal isnt just to cause lag, it is to take it down, even if just for a while, its better then leaving it up.
  3. I would recommend looking for vulnerabilities in the server which is running these sites, then erasing all the data, i doubt they have BackUps.
  5. Not ALL of these host illegal pornography themselves, some just link to it, which means that they are partners, and therefore should be punished.
  10. omgteenies.com/
  11. assteentube.com/
  12. bestcollegeporn.com/
  13. tube8teen.com/
  14. zupateens.com/
  15. wild-galls.com
  16. underxxx.biz/
  17. massageandsex.com/
  18. showteensex.com/
  19. teensweetpussy.com/
  20. boychat.org
  21. freespirits.org
  22. sxteengirls.com
  23. sexystarstube.com/
  24. glorytube.net/
  25. beautyteentube.com/
  26. oilteens.com/
  27. fresh-pictures.net/
  28. smallpinkpussy.com/
  29. diamond-tgp.com/
  30. onlinepornobaron.com
  31. armedtube.com
  32. tubelovelygirls.com
  33. sweettweet.org
  34. fucking-so-young.com
  35. hyperteensex.com
  36. funnygirlsporn.com
  37. freeamateurclub.com
  41. ~The Dyzaster
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