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  1. GET /myApp/somepage.jsf HTTP/1.1
  2. Host:
  3. ...
  4. Referer:
  5. Cookie: someMyCookie=whatever;LtpaToken=9eC8Nk3Pu; JSESSIONID=00005YXN:-1;
  7. GET /myApp/somepage.jsf HTTP/1.1
  8. Host:
  9. ...
  10. Referer:
  11. Cookie: someMyCookie=whatever;LtpaToken="9eC8Nk3Pu";Version=1; JSESSIONID="00005YXN:-1";Version=1;
  13. Specifies that an interoperable cookie is sent to the browser to support back-level servers.
  15. In WebSphere® Application Server, Version 6 and later, a new cookie format is needed by the security attribute propagation functionality. When the interoperability mode flag is enabled, the server can send a maximum of two single sign-on (SSO) cookies back to the browser. In some cases, the server just sends the interoperable SSO cookie.
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