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Apple Patents a System for Second-Hand iTunes Sales

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  1. Link:
  2. http://techland.time.com/2013/03/08/apple-patents-a-system-for-second-hand-itunes-sales/#
  4. Mail:
  6. From:
  7. Date: January 11, 2013 9:55:16 AM
  8. To: tcook@apple.com
  9. Subject: AppStore query
  12. To whom it may concern.
  15. Dear Sir / Madam,
  17. I would like to introduce myself, my name is xxxxxxxxx and I live and work in Bosnia and Hercegovina. I am big fan of Apple products, owning a number of them myself.
  19. I have an idea which I think is decent (my subjective thinking) for Apple as a company to earn more money with very little spend. If you could take time to read below, it would be much appreciated
  21. We witness that people buy on AppStore all sorts of apps, music, education, etc... Apple earns 30% from the sale, app developer 70% from every purchase (according to blogs) and that is the end of making money for that particular product.
  23. There is a potential opportunity where both parties could make more profit from that same purchase further.
  25. Example:
  27. If I buy a game (or app) and I play the game for some time, after that, game is on my account but I don’t necessarily wish to play (use it) anymore. That game (app) is “not worth much” to me anymore and I can’t do anything with that.
  29. Here comes Apple.
  31. All Apple needs to do to make another transaction after the original purchase is to allow the registered owner of that app to transfer it to another account and take some money for that. (Example: 0.10$)
  33. Techincs:
  35. Users who wish to resell the app they originally bought, log in and mark the app for transfer. App is still on that account until purchase is finished (no cost for Apple).
  37. All apps are in AppCloudHeaven and they are offered through special section of AppStore called “AppCloud” or whatever. When an app is re-purchased (for small price) credits are transferred (online credits, like gift card) to owners account and app is deleted from same account, Apple take a cut from that money, i.e. “transfer fee”.
  39. With this system Apple actually take all money. (Fee and price of app)
  41. If you find this idea interesting and potentially workable as a solution, feel free to contact me.
  43. Best Regards.
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