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Daron Sutton

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  1. Daron: Our Key to the Game.
  3. Daron: Brought to you by Kia.
  5. Daron: 3:59
  7. Daron: Um… ok. 3:59 is our Key to the Game.
  9. Daron: As the temperature rise-- whoa, whoa, whoa! [graphic of time-lapse thermometer rising to a hellish temperature]
  11. Daron: Huh. That was the time of last night's game. 3:59. So, the Key to the Game, I guess the guys in the truck, are saying that they want to do it again and they're, I guess, expecting another Arizona loss!
  13. Daron: Oh… See what happens is they don't really explain these things-- the guys in the truck-- so I… just I'm left to interpret it. I thought that'd be pretty offensive to the organization if that's what they meant.
  15. Tom: I thought they just wanted more time to, you know, promote themselves in their truck…
  17. Daron: Well, they always talk about team relations. It goes into negotiations-- you know… on-air wardrobe and things like that, but… it-- it turns out they didn't mean that. As… it turns out they want a shorter game than last night's game at 3:59 to enjoy what is today the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.
  19. Daron: That is a terrible Key to the Game!
  21. Tom: (chuckle)
  23. Daron: I like much better that they were offending the organization.
  25. Daron: 3 and 2 the count
  27. Daron: No, I understand why they say that.
  29. Daron: Little chopper to the right siiide… and to the bag.
  31. [long silence]
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