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  1. 6,8,1,5,7,1,7,7,1,8,6,1,4,6,1,6,10,1,6,9,1,2,4,0,4,4,0,8,4,0,10,4,0,10,6,0,10,8,0,10,10,0,10,12,0,2,12,0,2,10,0,2,8,0,2,6,0,4,13,0,6,13,0,8,13,0,3,13,1,5,13,1,7,13,1,9,13,1,10,11,1,10,9,1,10,7,1,10,5,1,9,4,1,7,4,1,5,4,1,3,4,1,2,5,1,2,7,1,2,9,1,2,11,1,6,4,0|7,6,2,5,6,2,6,7,2,8,7,3,7,8,3,7,10,3,4,7,3,5,8,3,5,10,3,6,11,3,10,13,7,2,13,7|6,6|Block Step|NaN
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