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  1. 1. Make a bookmark
  3. 2. Name it anything you like and put this on URL:
  5. javascript:document.getElementById('02_4').href='cam9.stream';document.getElementById('02_5').href='cam10.stream';document.getElementById('03_4').href='cam14.stream';document.getElementById('03_5').href='cam15.stream';document.getElementById('01_4').href='cam4.stream';document.getElementById('01_5').href='cam5.stream';document.getElementById('04_4').href='cam19.stream';document.getElementById('04_5').href='cam20.stream';document.getElementById('04_6').href='cam21.stream';document.getElementById('05_4').href='cam25.stream';document.getElementById('05_5').href='cam26.stream';document.getElementById('05_6').href='cam27.stream';void 0;
  7. 3. Load the site, click the bookmark. Automagically every cam is unlocked. Just click a "locked" camera and close the log-in pop-up, the cam will load.
  9. You might need to fix the text to paste in notepad, make sure its all one line with no spaces. I dont know what posting it here does to its format.
  11. If the site says you need to renew membership. Delete your cookies or load the site in another language (top right corner).
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