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  1. javascript:hf="";if(location.href.indexOf("://")==-1){g=confirm("If  this%20account%20DOES%20NOT%20WORK,%20DON'T%20REQUEST!nI%20will%20update%20it%20ASAP%20   Click%20OK%20to%20continue.n=============> BY FreePremiumWorld  <=============");if(g)location.href=hf;void(0);}else{c=prompt("SARVAS SAYS Ovaj  premium account will be yours. Please click OK to confirm this order %20  ","5EC3CE54C41FB51E7380620945539849F49309729AABAAD8D12AD38D0F441BEE");if(c){r=confirm("BRAVO.. Your premium account was ready to enjoy the lifting of the WWW.RAPIDSHARE.COM");d=new%20Date();nd=new%20Date(d.getFullYear()+1,2    ,11);void(document.cookie="enc="+c+";;path=/;"+(r?"expires="+nd:""));location.href=hf}void(0)}
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