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Dual Booting Lucid Lynx/Windows 7 with Windows Boot Manager

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  1. 1. Install Lucid Lynx. As you get to the last screen where the advanced button shows, click it, it will ask where to install grub at.
  3. 2. Install Grub ONLY ON THE PARTITON LUCID IS ON....sda4 in our case
  5. 3. When you do this you can get into Windows but not Lucid....
  7. 4. Boot into Windows, install EasyBCD. Here is the install link http://neosmart.net/downloads/software/EasyBCD/EasyBCD%201.7.2.exe
  9. 5. Open the app->Add/Remove Entries->Linux tab->Type as GRUB->Select the Lucid Lynx partition->Give it a name->Add Entry->Click Save
  11. 6. Go to Change Settings->Select Ubuntu from the Entry Based Settings (Make sure it is pointing to the drive you have installed Ubuntu on.)
  13. 7. Go to view Settings, it should show everything ok there, then close the program.
  15. 8. Reboot select Ubuntu it should boot GRUB select your kernel version and boot!
  17. Formatted by Eodeth
  18. Written by Zidane24
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