The "Fawkes Virus" & porn on Facebook

AnonymousWiki Nov 15th, 2011 2,715 Never
  1. As we all know Operation Facebook was fake from the beginning. However some are experiencing an outbreak of pornography on Facebook. This is leading some to speculate that Anonymous is responsible for this, calling this outbreak the "Fawkes Virus". I assure you that Anonymous involvement with this is highly untrue. The fake operation (Operation Facebook) had a goal to "completely destroy Facebook" or take the site down off the web using forms of DDoS. As of now this is not occurring. Facebook is not experiencing any type of downtime nor is it completely destroyed. It is also past the due date of Operation Facebook (November 5th). So unless Operation Facebook changed its date of executing its purpose & changed its purpose entirely, this issue with Facebook does not involve Anonymous. 
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