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  1. Go to http://hotfile.com/ and http://megaupload.com/
  3. Only on HotFile you'll need to log-in to track DownLoads
  5. Click log in
  6. Username: YAEBa1
  7. Password: Alfred01isl33t
  9. Click choose file
  10. Locate the bot and select it in .zip format
  12. Wait for it to upload
  13. Copy and very first link they give you
  15. Go to http://yaeba1.co.cc/forums/index.php/topic,2.0.html
  16. Edit my post
  17. In the post you'll see something like
  18. Download latest version at [url=http://hotfile.com/dl/115802566/1226c60/bin-release-04-25-2011-rev1268.rar.html]HotFile(Recommended)[/url]
  19. Where it says [url= PASTE THE URL FROM HOTFILE HERE]
  21. Then do the same with Megaupload but for the mega upload link
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