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Operation April Foolscoin

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  1. ------------------------
  3. ------------------------
  5. Targets: MtGox, BTCE, Bitcoin24, Bitstamp
  7. Mission statement:
  9. The recent sell-off was only partially successful for several reasons:
  11. - Fresh blood looking to buy
  12. - Overly bullish market
  13. - Only one exchange targeted
  15. April 1st occurs at the end of a bank holiday, fiat will be running low on the exchanges and it is the perfect time for a secondary strike. A triple bluff will be used to trick the market into collapse.
  17. - Stage 1: Slowly buy BTC, use accounts to spread bullish propaganda on all major channels; bitcointalk, reddit, twitter, etc.
  18. - Stage 2:  Dump 10k on Gox, and 1K on all other exchanges.
  19. - Stage 3: Put buy orders in below the final sale price to profit from the panic sellers.
  20. - Stage 4: When price rebounds to within 5% of the original price dump all remaining coins.
  21. - Stage 5: DDoS all exchanges and spread negative propaganda on forums.
  22. - Stage 6: Send the pre-made press releases to selected news outlets.
  24. We got it this time.
  26. Meet on IRC at the designated time and be prepared for a late night.
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