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  1. Patch 1.0.1073 to 1.0.1077
  3. Bug fixes
  4. -Fixed an issue regarding incorrect catalyst probability being displayed.
  5. -Fixed an issue preventing players seeing text within the Dragon Lair.
  6. -Fixed a crash issue that appeared when using Sorcerer effects.
  7. -Fixed the issue of the disappearing Color Ticket Interface which affected some players.
  8. -Fixed the issue of the disappearing Repair Interface which affected some players.
  9. -Fixed the issue that occurred when opening the Guild Recruitment Interface which would cause delays.
  12. Patch 1.0.1077 to Patch 1.0.1079
  14. New content
  15. -Implementation of Puresha
  16. -Frontier Island Housing System.
  17. -Guild Technology. (Guild Perks)
  18. -Added PEGI.
  19. -Automatic adjustment of interface strings.
  20. -Added bulk dismantle function for backpack items, which works similar as the trashcan. (It is only possible to open either the bulk dismantle function or the trashcan function, as they will superimpose each other.)
  23. Bug fixes
  25. Skills
  26. -All class talent descriptions and Sorcerer descriptions updated.
  27. -Fixed an issue that meant all leaping skills couldn’t be used due to talent changes.
  28. -Fixed an issue that caused some skills to appear unusable.  
  30. Oracle
  31. -Fixed skill description of 'Vagrant's Magic Cape'.
  33. Sorcerer
  34. -Fixed an issue with the Sorcerer skill 'Life shield': when the player mounted up after casting the skill, he/she would automatically unmount when the buff duration ended.
  35. -The Sorcerer skill 'Magic Well' will not appear in the skill list any more if not obtained yet.
  37. Items & equipment
  38. -Corrected a problem with the 'Basic Action Potion' and 'Standard Action Potion' which caused decreased durability after drinking.
  39. -Corrected item category of 'Roast Chicken Trap' from normal item to quest item.
  40. -Changed all capes categorized as heavy armor into capes that all classes can wear (ex:Bordat Cloak、Pagbu Scarf、Galloping Wind Scarf、Supres Scarf、Ares Cape)
  41. -Corrected display problem with female avatar equipment 'Kangemokebu Robe'.
  42. -Fixed graphic display problems with the following armor items;
  43. 'Bright Moon Cloth Armor' -If used by female characters, a black piece would protrude.
  44. When fitting 'Shadow Crack Riding Trousers' with 'Lorbien Cloth Shoes', the lower part of male characters would become transparent.
  45. 'Brutal Master’s Slippers' would cause female characters’ texture to be disrupted while moving.  
  46. Fixed problem that female characters putting on 'Cougan' series armor or  'Dalior' armor would lose their appearance.
  47. -Corrected problem with 'Cold Glare Cape' and 'Desert Traveler’s Woven Cape' which didn’t have item icons.
  49. Mobs
  50. -Removed 'Moss-Eating Pigs' that were floating in the air in Laedis at the 'Sea of the Lost'.
  51. -Removed the 'Wolfmen' that were stuck in the wall in front of the 'Deyarka Keep'.
  53. Dragons, Contracts
  54. -In order to accommodate for the different language keyboard settings, the Contract Interface key is now being triggered by c++ instead of flash.
  55. -Corrected problem with decreasing equipment durability when using Mount skills like Increased Speed, Contract, Dismiss Mount or Dismiss Dragon Beast Summons.
  56. -Corrected the problem that after exiting a Dragon Summons, in a non-combat situation, the Dragonsoul value would not recharge automatically.
  57. -Lowered the difficulty of entering into contracts with normal wild Dragons over level 30.
  58. -Changed the names of dragon special skills from 'Lv1'、'Lv2'、'Lv3' to 'Basic'、'Medium'、'Advanced' in order to  avoid misunderstandings when training in the wild.
  59. -Corrected the problem that some skills would be triggered at wrong time during combat. Healing skills can now only be triggered if the health value is below a certain threshold. The order of attack skills will depend on the dragon beast’s physical and magical damage value.
  62. Dragon Stable, Dragon Lair
  63. -Previously, when selecting a dragon in the Dragon Lair interface, the visual feedback was not clear enough. Now, there is a different degree of transparency before and after selecting a dragon to make the selection process more intuitive.
  65. -Corrected the problem that when opening the Dragon Lair under certain circumstances, the Dragon Stable background and fence would be displayed.
  67. -Corrected the problem that when equipping/un-equipping Dragon Lair dragon equipment in the Dragon Stable interface, the equipment would be locked in the backpack and could not be interacted with.
  69. -Corrected the problem that when displaying dragon equipment in the Dragon Lair interface, the Dragon Stable equipment in the corresponding position would be displayed.
  71. -Corrected the problem that when in the Dragon Lair interface and switching to the non-dragon info section, then selecting a dragon, then going again to the dragon info section, the dragon info would not be updated.
  73. -Corrected the problem with the Dragon Lair Interface, where after queued procedures in progress were pushed to the back, canceling the procedure would not give any output. Now, when canceling procedures whose position had been moved previously, it will still give the correct output display.
  75. -Corrected the problem that unequipping Dragon Lair dragon equipment could result in a server crash.
  77. -Added a warning message and confirmation box in the Dragon Lair Interface, if players attempt to delete an ongoing procedure: 'This procedure is ongoing. If delete, no funds will be returned. Do you wish to proceed?' will appear.
  79. -Corrected the problem that the Dragon Lair skill 'Crippling Strike' didn’t have the procedure selection option in the Dragon Lair skill training interface.
  81. -The description of fodder and potential fodder in the breeding section of the Dragon Lair interface has been moved to below the button.
  83. -Now, when training/feeding in the Dragon Lair Interface, pressing the button will directly deduct the required amount of fodder to reach the next level. If not enough fodder is available to reach the next level, it will still assign the whole available amount.
  85. -When there is the possibility to add potential fodder, the figure of the potential fodder will shine.
  87. -Fixed an issue that appeared after a data center crash, when Dragon Lair data had been lost, it could result in dragons or dragon equipment becoming invisible. Now, when dragons or dragon equipment is moved, this will no longer occur.
  89. -Altered the inquiry box for field training: added a graphic for deducting items.
  90. -When field training cannot grant dragon skills, there will be the following message: 'This field training will not give any dragon skills. Do you wish to proceed with training?'
  92. Instances
  93. -Corrected the problem with the big instance(s) on difficulty level 1, where the energy of bosses and several mobs didn’t properly decrease.
  94. -Corrected the problem that some instances wouldn't trigger scripts or AI properly. Increased the check range within:
  95. Avanah Omen
  96. Consus Cave
  97. Omati Gorge
  98. Gaesis' Roost
  99. Nyrol’s Nest
  100. Aryna’s Lair
  101. Juno Crystal Gallery
  102. Cursed Tower
  103. Dunar Temple
  105. -Decreased mobs in small instances (difficulty level 1 and level 2) due to a change in the party size growth factor from 1,1 to 1,05
  106. -Increased mobs in small instances (difficulty level 2) and big instances (difficulty level 3) due to a change in the party size growth factor from 1,1 to 1,2
  107. -Increased mobs in big instances (difficulty level 4) due to a change in the party size growth factor from 1,1 to 1,3
  108. -Corrected the problem that in small instances (difficulty level 2) and big instances (difficulty level 3), the level of mobs and bosses wouldn’t correctly increase.
  109. -Increased the drop chance of special crafting materials of bosses in small instances: Drop chance in difficulty level 1 increased to 70%; drop chance in difficulty level 2 increased to 70%.
  110. -Increased the drop chance of special crafting materials of bosses in big instances (difficulty level over 2): drop rate of random elite bosses increased to 70%; drop rate of major bosses increased to 100%.
  112. Arboran Ruins
  113. -Corrected AI, skill cast frequency and movement pattern of 'Leader of the Mysterious Men'.
  114. -Corrected problem that 'Leader of the Mysterious Men' could perform invisible attacks.
  115. -Corrected the problem that the 'Teleport' attack of 'Leader of the Mysterious Men' would teleport the boss to the instance entrance together with players who revived at the respawn point.
  116. -Corrected problem with 'Scarlet Ear Bowman' that would drop an incorrect item. Now, it drops 'Goblin Ear' which is not bound.
  118. Ash catacombs
  119. -Corrected a problem with 'Shadow Raiding Dragon King' of false movement after the explosion.
  120. -Corrected a problem with 'Ash catacombs' where too many AI operations would cause server crashes.
  122. Aryna’s Lair
  123. -Reduced number of dropped mines of 'Aryna’s Heir', but increased their range and increased Aryna’s Heir’s aggro range.
  124. -Corrected the problem that 'Aryna’s Lair' could cause server crashes.
  126. Nyrol’s Nest
  127. -Corrected problem that in 'Nyrol’s Nest', a single player couldn't enter normal mode.
  129. Gaesis’ Roost
  130. -Reduced Gaesis’ Heir’s rush range.
  132. Juno Crystal Gallery
  133. -Corrected movement pattern of 'Black-Nail Madam'.
  134. -Corrected problem that the modes of 'Black-Nail Madam' and 'Black Devouring Dragon' was not synchronized.
  135. -Corrected problem with rush attack of 'Mutant’s Horn' which would be triggered continuously.
  136. -Corrected problem that 'Disaster/Devouring Dragon Larva' could not attack.
  137. -The NPC carried by 'Mutant Master' is changed from boss-mob to elite mob.
  138. -Corrected color problem with the lock effect of 'Mutant Knight'.
  139. -Corrected problem of instances (with difficulty level 3 and 4), where some boss-level mobs would be triggered repeatedly.
  141. Dunar Temple
  142. -Corrected problem that 'Dragon Palace Guard' would cling to the players.
  144. Quests
  145. -Corrected problem that entering/leaving an instanced quest environment would dismiss mount, which could lead to fall damage.
  147. Bakra
  148. -Corrected problem with the newbie village, where the Chaos Dragon would push 'Sabosha' into a corner.
  149. -Corrected problem with the following quests in Bakra:
  150. Dragon Taming
  151. Dragon Guide/Tutorial
  153. -Corrected quest 'Aqua Dragon Smile' where there was a chance that the 'Black Razor Blade' would become a friendly target, thus it could not be killed and could not reset.
  154. -Added quest hints/indicators on the small and big map for quest 'Receiving the shaman protected by the giant servant'.
  156. Puresha
  157. -Corrected problem with the following quests in Puresha:
  158. New partner
  159. Using the new powers
  160. Searching for food
  161. Eradicating the poisonous plants
  162. Virus Incubator - where if the player would disconnect while the script is being executed, the NPC would remain in the world and not be deleted.
  163. -Corrected quest 'Catch Trenton Alive' where there was a chance that all NPCs would freeze after the fight.
  165. Laedis
  166. -Corrected problem with main plot story quest 'Dispatching the air raid squadron' which could cause a black screen.
  167. -Corrected problem with main story quest 'Receiving the plan of the banished', where after accepting the quest, the interrogation skill could vanish.
  168. -Corrected the following quests in Laedis:  
  169. Hitting the deepwater Aqua Dragon
  170. Sudden disappearance of the Aqua Dragon
  171. Doomsday of Nalor’s Heir
  172. Abnormal brain device - which would give equipment that didn’t match the player class.
  174. -Corrected the following quest in Laedis 'Investigating the strange cause' which would give equipment that didn’t match the player class.
  175. -Corrected problem with quest 'Taking back the hunting ground' where it wasn't possible to obtain the giant skull.
  176. -The required amount of giant skulls for quest 'Taking back the hunting ground' has been reduced from 15 to 8.
  177. -Corrected the following quest in Laedis 'Uncovering the truth' which would give equipment that didn't match the player class.
  178. -Corrected problem with Laedis quest 'Listening to the Stones' where the collectible white stones and red stones would float into the air.
  179. -Adjusted NPC 'Young scarlet-shine colossal wing dragon' of quest 'Searching for the scarlet-shine colossal wing dragon' so that it cannot be found with the search function.
  180. -Corrected problem that the position of quest 'Searching for the scarlet-shine colossal wing dragon' in the quest search interface was wrong.
  183. Satuma
  184. -Corrected last quest in Satuma Main Quest Line, where the player would see two 'Sabosha' after accepting the quest. Now, the player can see only one 'Sabosha'.
  185. -Corrected the problem with Satuma quest 'That’s my life', where all quest items that needed to be collected 'Scattered Goods' were floating in the air.
  186. -Corrected problem with quest 'Entering the Moaley Mine',where a black screen could occur after clicking on the entrance point/portal.
  187. -Corrected problem with quest 'Message on the secret path/tunnel', where after accepting the quest and collecting the required amount of quest items, the player could still continue to collect quest items, and the indication on the mini-map and world map would not disappear.
  190. Wynnadia
  191. -Corrected problem with the following quest in Wynnadia 'Gemini Meteor', where it was difficult to obtain the items. Now, the items are put on the ground of the sea and thus obtainable through a relatively easy interaction.
  192. -Corrected problem with quest 'Mother’s Protection' in Wynnadia, where it wasn’t possible to report back to the NPC and complete the quest. Now, it is possible to complete the quest.
  193. -Corrected quest 'Audax Lafso’s Treasure',where it wasn’t possible to select and receive the quest item.
  194. -Corrected problem with quest 'A soldier impatient as fire', where after accepting the quest and killing 'Wynnadia Wyvern', the respawned 'Wynnadia Wyvern' would become invisible.
  195. -Corrected the 'Cursed Tower' sub storyline quest 'Blind Fox’s request': after completing the quest conditions, the NPC didn’t properly hand back the quest.
  198. Korhala
  199. -Corrected quest 'Why don’t you ask Nautilus?', where the NPC 'Treasure Chest of the Ancient City' wouldn’t be displayed correctly. Now, it is being displayed correctly, and the location has been adjusted a bit further out so it can be found easier.
  201. Public Encounters
  202. -Fixed the problem that the reward for completing the daily public encounters wouldn’t trigger level-ups.
  203. -Corrected the problem with 'Plague Horn' and other Public Encounters, where the hitpoints of scripted mobs was too low.
  204. -Corrected the problem with Laedis PE 'Ancient Statue of Dyksin'、where the AI of 'Sky Pirate Leader' would show no reaction.
  205. -Corrected problem with mobs 'Bone Controller' and 'Strengthened Mutant Wyvern. who would have excessive hitpoints in case of many participants. Now their hitpoints will not increase even in case of many players.
  206. -Corrected PE 'Expedition against the robber band',where the weapon chests in the first phase were not obvious enough. Now, the graphic of the weapon chests has been replaced.
  207. -Corrected problem with PEs 'Aggressive Goblin', 'Battle for Lagur Castle'、'Conquering back the mines',where elite and boss level mobs would sometimes be pulled out of the PE range and killed, which would cause the PE to crash and the players wouldn’t receive points. Now, if elite and boss level mobs are pulled out of the PE range and killed, the respective PE phase will still count as completed.
  210. Auction House
  211. -Fixed problem that the auction house search wouldn’t stop and cause crashes.
  212. -Deleted the 'Receive similar items' function for dragon crystals and recipes.
  213. -Fixed the problem that sometimes, the search for market price or recipes in the auction house didn’t show any results.
  214. -Fixed the problem that sometimes, clicking the 'Receive similar items' function would not react or cause a crash.
  215. -Fixed the problem that the info message about won bids/lost bids would cause a crash.
  216. -When the price for a bid is exceeded, the interface will show a respective info.
  219. Equipment Enhancement
  220. -Fixed the problem with the Basic Enhancement Interface, where the probability of durability enhancement would vary in the following case:
  221. At the beginning, when no equipment has been placed yet, the player would choose the durabilty option, then placing the weapon or armor. The red square box would then show a chance of 100%. If the player would then choose another option (physical damage, magical damage or Energy Boost), and then choose durability again, the red box would show a chance of only 80%. After the change, the correct durability value will always be displayed.
  222. -Fixed Basic Enhancement Interface, so that the interface will not get stuck when using batch enhancement.
  223. -Fixed the following problem in the Basic Enhancement Interface:
  224. When using either Dragon Insignia or Diamonds for enhancement, a confirmation window will pop up. If choosing “No”, the following error message will appear: “Diamond does not exist. Sn=0”; and it won’t be possible to continue with any enhancement operations. After the change, the interface won’t get stuck any more.
  225. -Fixed Basic Enhancement Interface to solve the following problem: If not specifying the number of enhancements (i.e. leaving the setting blank ), and then pressing the 'enhance', button, there will be a NaN ('not a number') error. After the fix, it won’t be possible to press the 'enhance' button when not specifying the number of enhancements, and the 'NaN' error message will not appear anymore.
  226. -Fixed Basic Enhancement Interface: Before, icons would be displayed wrongly under the following circumstance: After placing armor items into the interface, then moving the mouse to the Physical Defense button, the physical defense button icon would turn into the physical attack icon (along with the description). If then clicking other enhancement options, those would also take on the physical damage icon. After the fix, all items are being displayed correctly.
  227. -Fixed the following problem in the Basic Enhancement Interface: After placing an equipment piece, and then double-clicking on Physical Damage, Magical Damage, Energy and Durability, the energy bar below will become empty. After the fix, the energy bar will be displayed correctly.
  228. -Fixed the Attribute Transfer Interface in the Item Enhancement: When using attribute transfer, the value interface will display 'textField' in the bottom. After the fix, this won’t be displayed any more.
  231. Guild / Alliance
  232. -League System is undergoing some changes.
  233. -Added a scrollbar to the Guild List.
  234. -Fixed the problem that the final row in Guild and Alliance list would always be displayed as a blank row.
  235. -Fixed the problem that opening “Guild” and “Join the Guild” interfaces would cause delays.
  236. -The check box can now be unchecked in Guild list, Alliance List, Guild interface and Alliance interface.  
  237. -Fixed the sequence error in Guild/Alliance Member recruiting list.
  239. Friends
  240. -Added tips: When opening the 'Friendship Gift Pack' for the first time, players will see some tips and information about 'Kindred Compass'.
  241. -Fixed a problem with the reset time for sending gifts to friends, as well as the reset time for withdrawing Friendship points.
  242. -Fixed the problem that the friend list default group did not automatically adopt the right language settings.
  244. Achievements  
  245. -The reset time for Weekly Achievements changed from every Thursday 00:00 am to every Monday 00:00 am.
  246. -Fixed a sequence error in the Achievement interface.
  247. -Fixed the equipment enhancement requirements of the following time limit achievements:
  248. As easy as lifting one’s hand
  249. Habit becomes nature
  250. Standard Procedure
  251. Before the fix, only Basic Enhancement could fulfill the requirements.
  252. Now, it is possible to fulfill these requirements with Basic Enhancement, Attribute Transformation, Attribute Transfer, and Attribute Switch. The description of the requirements has been adjusted as follows: In the equipment enhancement interface, successfully upgrade ... pieces of equipment using any of the following enhancement procedures: Basic Enhancement, Attribute Transformation, Attribute Transfer, Attribute Switch.
  253. -Fixed a problem with Guild Achievement: 'Be well known in Puresha', where killing 'Cassebatoa the Cannibal' wouldn’t fulfill the requirement.  Now, killing him will fulfill the condition for this achievement.
  254. -Fixed the requirement of Guild Achievement  'Be well known in Laedis': You can now fulfill “Kill the leaders in Juno Crystal Gallery” when killing 'Devouring Death Dragon'.
  255. -Fixed a problem with Achievement 'Pride of the Osira' – 'Kill the leaders in Juno Crystal Gallery' where due to incorrect calculations, it wasn’t possible to retrieve the correct amount of rewards.
  256. -Adjusted guild achievement rewards; originally, it was only possible to obtain the guild contribution when accumulating 100 points. Now, it is possible to achieve guild contribution by accumulating 40, 70 or 100 points.
  258. Crafting
  259. -Modified crafting price to avoid wrong crafting output caused by decimal point calculations.
  260. -Introduced the probability of adding catalysts to the crafting process. Based on the crafting skill level, one can obtain different bonus factors/values.
  261. -Added 'friendship gifts' as new food type in cooking.
  262. -Added an alarm message when learning a new recipe while riding the mount.  
  263. -The maximum crafting level will be based on the character level cap.  
  264. -Corrected the number of random attributes in the crafting tier description.
  267. Marketplace
  268. -The system will check if there is enough space in your marketplace backpack when purchasing marketplace items.
  269. -Fixed the following problem: before, when right-clicking the marketplace backpack to move items into the personal trade interface, the system took the item from your own backpack instead. After the fix, it’s not possible to trade items from the marketplace.
  270. -Modified the item descriptions of  'Dragon Lair slot key' and 'Dragon Stable slot key'. Added the following string: 'While using this item, please be aware that the price will be different for each slot'.
  273. Artwork
  274. -Fixed problem with animation timing of 'Highlands Cow'.
  275. -Fixed problem that players would get stuck in the 'Pei Ao Village Wooden Bridge'.
  276. -Adjusted the environment leaf coverage to improve the overall performance.
  277. -Adjusted the waterfall effects in some environments.
  278. -Adjusted the quality of some equipment textures.
  279. -Adjusted the weapon icons of  'Morgath's Might'、'Kronos' Corruption'、'Vysk's Vengeance'、'Lysaia's Light' to show the correct corresponding weapon.
  281. Miscellaneous
  282. -Added new effect for players jumping out of water.
  283. -Corrected problem that the swimming Aqua dragon would create unsmooth movements at the water surface.
  284. -Corrected problem that the Aqua dragon didn’t have animations for swimming left and right.
  285. -Corrected problem that mounting/unmounting animation state would not be updated. (e.g. Aqua dragon stands on the water surface, Flying Dragon is in flying state when summoned)
  286. -Corrected problem in the tutorial, where after dismantling character equipment, it was possible to carry the dismantled items back to the newbie village.
  287. -Added hotkey to open 'Kindred Compass'.
  288. -Fixed the problem in the mailbox, where 'Recipient' would be added by default, causing players to unintentionally send all messages to the player named 'Recipient'. After the fix, no recipient will be added by default.
  289. -Corrected wrong words in dialogue of 'Mrs. Haier' in Wynnadia.
  290. -Changed the string Title benefit to Total title benefit in the title interface.
  291. -Corrected problem in the tutorial instance, where the transformation effect of 'Wenda' was missing.
  292. -Corrected problem in the tutorial instance, where NPCs would accelerate while in walking mode.
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