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HOW TO INSTALL AND CRACK "AutoCAD 2012 for Mac" [Mac OS X Li

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  1. HOW TO INSTALL AND CRACK "AutoCAD 2012 for Mac" [Mac OS X Lion ONLY]:
  3. I have written this step by step guide WHILE doing every single passage. If you follow this CAREFULLY you won't fail.
  5. 0) INSTALL "Xcode": don't go further if you haven't "Xcode" installed on your system (crack won't launch);
  7. 1) Download installation image here: ;
  9. 2) Download crack here: ;
  13. 4) Mount "acad2012osx.iso" and "Crack2012.dmg", then mount "AutoCAD_2012_English_Mac_OSX.dmg" in the "acad2012osx.iso" image and click on "InstallAutoCAD 2012 for Mac.mpkg" in the "AutoCAD_2012_English_Mac_OSX.dmg" image. When on "Register" section during the installation click on "I want to try this product for 30 days" and complete the installation.
  15. 5) At the end of the installation process open "AutoCAD" application and click, when prompted, on "Activate", accept terms and conditions and click on "Continue".
  17. 6) Now open "Crack2012" file DIRECTLY (without extracting it out) on "Crack2012.dmg" image.
  19. STEPS TO FOLLOW in "Crack2012" application:
  21. 1) I wanna crack "Autocad";
  23. 2) Insert "666-69696969" in the serial box, "777D1" in the product key box of the activation screen and click "Next", then re-insert serial (666-69696969) and check the "I have an activation code from Autodesk" box. Finally go to "Crack2012" and click "OK";
  25. 3) Now "Activity Monitor" will open up. Find in "Activity Monitor" the process named "Autodesk License Management Utility" and write in "Crack2012" the PID of the process (column all on the left), clicking "OK" in "Crack2012" when done.
  27. 4) Now "Terminal" will open up with a lot of lines. Find the line (enlarge the "Terminal" window to search properly, or use search function) that begins with "__TEXT" and that ends with "…libFNP.dylib" and write in "Crack2012" the FIRST of the two HEX numbers that are in that line (the two numbers are separated by a minus (-) sign). For example in the line "__TEXT […] 11111111-00000000 […] libFNP.dylib" you should write "11111111" in "Crack2012" box. When done click "OK" in Crack2012.
  29. 5) Now you will be asked to insert your user password in "Terminal". Do it and you will see other lines go fast on the screen. When they stop, click "OK" in Crack2012.
  31. 6) Now other lines will go fast on the screen and "xforce2012" application will be launched automatically. Click the "Mem Patch" button on the application, wait for other "Terminal" lines to go fast on the screen and when they stop click "OK" in "Crack2012".
  33. 7) Other lines will go fast on the screen and now you should receive a message from "xforce2012" application and from "Crack2012" file that patching was SUCCESSFUL. Click "OK" in both messages.
  35. 8) Copy the "request code" from activation screen to the "xforce2012" application and click on "Generate" to generate the "activation code" to paste in the activation screen. Paste the "activation code" in the activation screen (it's shorter than expected, but it's OK, because you have patched program's memory). When done click "Next" and then "Finish".
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