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Riolu Entry

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  1. Riolu is a pure Fighting Type Pokemon, and is the first evolution stage of the Pokemon, Luacrio. It was first released in the games Diamond and Pearl, Generation 4.
  3. Riolu is a small, blue, dog-like Pokémon. Riolu are sensitive to a special type of energy called Aura. It uses this in battle, and is also useful for seeing things without your eyes, and can track any person around the whole globe. Being a pre-evolution of the Pokemon Lucario, it is generally weak with its powers, and evolves when it has mastered how to channel and control there aura powers. Riolu are playful, energetic, and loyal Pokemon.
  5. Many Riolu are found in the Safari Zone, however wild Riolu tend to live in Floccesy Ranch in the Unova Region.
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