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  1. FGM is horrific because it removes the labia minora and [a significant portion of] the clitoris.
  2. There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, and 15,000 nerve endings in the rest of the vagina, giving a total of 23,000 nerve endings:
  4. If the study referred to here is correct, 50% (which would be 11,500) of the vaginas nerve endings are in the labia minora.
  6. ---
  8. That’s horrific. Now for the part that may shock you.
  10. ‘Circumcision’ removes 80% of the nerve endings from the penis. The removal of the foreskin also removes the protection of the glans, causing it to lose sensitivity. There are 20,000 in the foreskin/frenulum, 4,000 in the glans, and 2,000 in the shaft.
  12. Rates of erectile dysfunction are 4.5 times higher amongst the circumcised as compared to intact.
  14. Does that sound so different from FGM?
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