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  1. FGM is horrific because it removes the labia minora and [a significant portion of] the clitoris.
  2. There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, and 15,000 nerve endings in the rest of the vagina, giving a total of 23,000 nerve endings: http://www.valleyadvocate.com/article.cfm?aid=15092
  4. If the study referred to here is correct, 50% (which would be 11,500) of the vaginas nerve endings are in the labia minora. http://hottentotapron.blogspot.com/p/functions-of-labia-minora.html
  6. ---
  8. That’s horrific. Now for the part that may shock you.
  10. ‘Circumcision’ removes 80% of the nerve endings from the penis. The removal of the foreskin also removes the protection of the glans, causing it to lose sensitivity. There are 20,000 in the foreskin/frenulum, 4,000 in the glans, and 2,000 in the shaft. http://www.Foregen.org/learn-more/regaining-sexual-function/
  12. Rates of erectile dysfunction are 4.5 times higher amongst the circumcised as compared to intact. http://news.menshealth.com/is-your-circumcision-making-you-soft/2011/11/02/
  14. Does that sound so different from FGM?
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