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Typhlosion Entry

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  1. Typhlosion is a pure Fire Type Pokemon, introduced in Generation III.
  2. It is known as the "Volcano Pokemon", and is the last evolution of
  3. Cynadquil.
  5. Typhlosion's appearance is similar to a Badger, however, it is a very
  6. agile and sleek Pokemon. In comparison to it's pre-evolutions, it is
  7. very distinct in similarities. For example, it is a four-legged
  8. Pokemon, while it's pre-evolution, Quilava, is a two-legged. The fiery
  9. holes in it's back change into a burning inferno of Fire along the
  10. back of it's neck.
  12. Typhlosion make their nests mainly in the grasslands, though they can
  13. also live along mountainsides. They are very rarely found in the wild.
  14. After evolving form Cyndaquil, it's behaviour dramatically changes,
  15. and becomes rather quick-tempered, contrary to it's pre-evolutions.
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